If you are interested in getting an estimate for an illustration, having me shoot an event, or booking a session, please contact me at my e-mail address ( or call me at (417) 483-9546. I generally respond to e-mails in one to two days, and will reply to phone calls when the opportunity arises. 🙂

Whether you want a poster, CD cover, book cover, or just a cool picture, I can make photographic illustrations. While I generally shoot all my own photographs to use in the image, we can negotiate prices to use stock images if I don’t have access to the particular image you need. Prices cover the creation of the illustration, the time and editing of individual photographs used, and the cost of any stock images necessary. I license the images to be used, and prices vary based on usage and your individual needs. Also, feel free to contact me if you see an illustration you are interested in using and would like to licence rights to use.

I will book sessions anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours long, depending on your needs. Headshots, engagement photos, families, couples, children, babies, and seniors are all types of portraits I’m interested in. I have my own lighting equipment for both inside and outdoor photography. At this point in time I am located in Warrensburg, Missouri. If you’re looking for fun pictures with a unique style and creativity, I can do that. Of course, if you want something a little more formal, I can do that, too. Time permitting, I’ll try a little bit of both. Contact me for information on pricing. I do offer packages, if you’re interested in getting a good deal, and I will design both softcover and hardcover albums.

Have a family reunion coming up? A business opening you want covered? A special banquet, or just something you want to be covered with professional photography? I can do that, and right now I am located in the Warrensburg, Missouri area. I have my own lighting equipment I can use for most events, and feel free to contact me with details so I can give you a better idea of what I can offer you and what price range is involved.

Note: All pictures © 2013 to Stephanie Flint (formerly Stephanie Bibb). I retain the rights to make prints of these pictures and use them to promote my photography business. Unless you buy the CD of retouched images (for events/portraits), you may not print or make copies of these pictures without my written permission.

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