The Belialish Incident – Cover Reveal

Another cover for Melange Books.

SBibb - The Belialish Incident - Book Cover

Stock Images Used:

Today I’m going to talk about an extremely handy Photoshop CS6 tool known as “Auto-Align Layers.” I’m not sure why I didn’t remember this feature, or try looking for it sooner.  However, the gist of it is you can take a layer you’ve already tinkered with (scale, perspective, angle, size, etc..) and match it to another image. You can set the reference layer, and this is extremely useful when you’re creating a proof image from stock that wasn’t yet purchased for concept work, and are ready to make the final image with purchased stock. All you have to do is align the layers using this tool, and move on to the next layer (I use the perspective option).

Here’s the tutorial I found that showed me how to do this trick:

Note: If there’s a major size difference, you may have to do some tweaking to get it quite right, but in the long run, this feature might still help you save time.

So yes… thought that might be useful. 🙂

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