Behind the Scenes – Lead Poisoning

This is a book cover for Barking Rain Press. In this case, the publisher had a couple images they knew they already knew they wanted to use (the family picture and the prescription bottle with the bullets), but they wanted the image itself put together. They mentioned wanting a picture frame on a mantel or nightstand, and we added in the cracked glass effect later. I added in some of my own textures to add the gritty feel, and tinkered with the coloring to add to the “Lead Poisoning” title effect.

This was the end result. 🙂

SBibb - Lead Poisoning - Book Cover

Stock images from Shutterstock:–mm-bullet-isolated-on-white-background.html


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2 responses to “Behind the Scenes – Lead Poisoning

  1. An Architect friend once told me that Gold and Green should never be seen – but your cover throws THAT idea out the window – GREAT cover Stephanie 😀

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