Weekly Book Promotion Highlight

For this week’s ebook promotion highlight, I’m featuring the Visionary Fiction giveaway, the October Spectacular giveaway, as well as S.T. Sanchez’s Halloween Reading List!


First, if you’re looking for a list of creepy Halloween reads, click here to find a variety of stories with varying levels of horror. 😀

brown pumpkin halloween decor and gray skull at grass field

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com


Ebook Giveaways


Looking for visionary books with mysticism and adventure? Check out this giveaway!

Visionary Fiction Ebook Giveaway


Looking for awesome speculative fiction? Check out this giveaway!

October Spectacular Ebook Giveaway


(Note: These two giveaways are hosted through Book Funnel. Authors will usually ask for your email address, and in many cases, the author will collect these addresses for their newsletters.)

* * *

I hope you find a good book.  🙂

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