Monthly Book Promotion Highlight

Since I’ve fallen behind on posting weekly book promotion highlights, I thought I might try giving the monthly version a shot. (Or maybe switch to every other week).

So today, have a look at the various discounted and free ebook promotions happening this month!


This promo is huge and features free ebooks across a wide variety of science fiction and fantasy sub-genres. While most of these books will be free throughout the month, it officially ends on July 21st, so be sure to check this out sooner rather than later.


This promo includes a mix of free YA Fantasy and Paranormal reads. If you’re looking for something young adult with a little bit of magic, try this giveaway.



Here we have fantasy galore. There’s a mix, but with a fairly strong emphasis toward epic fantasy. It’s great for quest seeking.



This promo sports a wide variety of fantasy options and sub-genres. Everything from epic, to GameLit/LitRPG, to urban fantasy, to humorous fantasy. There’s something for every fantasy mood.header-1


(Note: Most of the giveaways above are hosted through Book Funnel. Authors will usually ask for your email address, and in many cases, the author will collect these addresses for their newsletters.)


Last, but not least, if you enjoy fairy tales, check out this selection. These books are free for those with a Kindle Unlimited subscription (though they may be full price otherwise). Worth a look even if you don’t use KU, because you might find something new. 😉

* * *


I hope you find a good book (or several)! 😀

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