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Weekly Book Promotion Highlight

For this week’s book promotion highlight, I’m featuring a theme of justice and crime fighting. Today we have the Superheros and Vigilantes giveaway and the Paragons of Virtue giveaway!


Want super-powered people fighting villains and crime? Take a look at the ebook options in this giveaway!

Super Heroes and Vigilantes Ebook Giveaway


Want books with heroes who may do anything for the perceived “greater good?” Check out this giveaway!

Paragons of Virtue Ebook Giveaway


(Note: These giveaways are hosted through Instafreebie. Authors will usually ask for your email address, and in most cases, the author will collect these addresses for their newsletters. Instafreebie collects email addresses for their newsletter, as well.)

* * *

I hope you find a good book to read. Let me know if you would like to see more of these posts.  🙂

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