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Behind the Scenes – Fallenwood

Another cover for Melange Books.

This is actually for the book prior to Forgetting Fallenwood, but the book is being re-released by Melange Books, and so it’s getting a new cover. For this one, I tried capturing the feel of the other covers I’ve done for this series, including text placement, colors, blur effects, and the fonts I used. I quite enjoyed playing with the concept of the unicorn, as well. The author had mentioned on the art form that it might be neat to have the unicorn somewhere on the cover. I took the idea and ran. 🙂

This is the end result:

SBibb - Fallenwood - Book Cover

Stock images from Dreamstime:


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The Feast of Yule – Cover Reveal

This  was a cover that managed to come together really easily. In this case, the author requested that there be a gnome on the cover if possible, and if we could get an autumn background, that’d be good, too. Mentioned that the gnomes were mischievous and at one point had axes in the story. So I went browsing through Dreamstime looking for images of gnomes. I didn’t find a gnome, per say… but three images later, I’d say that gnome looks mischevious, don’t you?

Sometimes a cover can be amazingly simple to put together. This was one of them. Also, I kept the same sort of title treatment to help it tie into her other story, Forgetting Fallenwood. 🙂

SBibb - The Feast of Yule Book Cover

Stock Photography from Dreamstime:

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Book Cover Reveal – Forgetting Fallenwood

SBibb - Forgetting Fallenwood Cover

This is another cover I did for Melange Books. It’s for a fantasy novel. Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 4.0. All the images except for the woman and the fence (From Dreamstime: http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-business-woman-disposable-coffee-image11631967 ) are my own.

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