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Behind the Scenes – Howling Mountain Blues

This is a cover for Barking Rain Press.

For this cover, the third in the Crime Fighting Bluesmen series, we decided to model it after a Blues poster. For that, I stuck with more illustrated effects and textures, and stuck with a limited color scale, rather than the photo-realism I typically go for. I also played with juxtaposition, placing the monkey on top of the harmonica. In order to get the illustrated effect (which came from photos), I masked out the unnecessary portions of the photos, then used the threshold adjustment tool in Photoshop CS6, linked by a clipping mask to the photo, to make it black and white, then copied those layers and deleted out the extra color. I used the magic wand, without contiguous selected so I could make sure I could get all the excess black “paint” out.

This is the result:

SBibb - Howling Mountain Blues - Book Cover

SBibb - Howling Mountain Blues - Wrap-around Cover

Stock images from Shutterstock:


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Cover Reveal – The Devil’s Blues

SBibb -The Devil's Blues Cover

This is a wrap-around book cover I recently completed for Barking Rain Press. It’s for a mystery crime novel. It’s not yet released, but you can find out more about it here: [link]

Note: All of these images are from Shutterstock. Normally I’d use my own images, but in this case, stock images worked out best for what we wanted.

Photoshop CS6. 🙂


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