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Senior Portrait Tips – Jennifer

I’m planning on starting up a senior portrait business in Warrensburg this summer, but that means I need more examples to create advertisements and show just what I can do. So over Spring Break I decided to try and photograph some seniors for free- they got a free one hour session and ten fully retouched photos on a CD that they can print themselves or order prints through me.

Since it’s been a while since I’ve been to my hometown, Mom talked to a few people she knew, contacting a homeschooling group that might want senior pictures.

Never underestimate the power of social networks and free sessions. I photographed Jennifer yesterday, and these are a few of the resulting pictures. I also have two photoshoots today, with a total of three people. Another tip worth noting is that it’s always good to have a backup camera and to start setting up early. For some reason my Rebel XS decided it didn’t want to trigger my studio flashes. Luckily the 30D did, and I was able to shoot with that.

Flickr Slideshow: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sbibb/sets/72157626340368366/show/

Senior Portraits - Jennifer

Senior Portraits - Jennifer

Senior Portraits - Jennifer

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Great Websites For Senior Portrait Tips

Later this week I will be taking senior pictures for my fiance’s sister. Seeing as its been a little while since I’ve done portrait photography, I decided it was time to brush up on my knowledge of making senior pictures. In order to do that,  there are three things in specific I wanted to do.

1. Look through several magazines (Lucky, Teen Vogue, and Seventeen) to get portrait ideas. These were supplied to me by Isaac’s sister.

2. Check to make sure my Alien Bees are working properly. I don’t think I’ve used them since school ended this spring.

3. Find websites with beautiful senior pictures or with tips to get ideas from.

I decided to share the results of my search for websites here, and below are several websites I found useful.


~This site has several tips aimed at the seniors having thier pictures taken. At the same time, it is useful for the photographer to keep these tips in mind, too.


~ A portrait photographer’s site. They have some beautiful senior photos and great ideas. It may be helpful to look through the work they’ve done to get ideas on locations and retouching.


~ Spectacular images- I envy thier skills. They have many beautiful images, and I suspect much could be learned by studying what they have done.

I plan to look up more websites later, but for the meantime its on to scouting through magazines.

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