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Huntress – FREE for a limited time!

I know, I know… there’s two posts today. But since Huntress is only going to be free for a few days, I wanted to give you a heads up as soon as possible. 🙂

Long story short… Huntress is free on Amazon for everyone.


Unlike with Whispers in the Code and The Wind Mage of Maijev, which are perma-free, this one is going back up in price soon.

So if you want to read it and you don’t have a KU subscription, now’s the time to grab it. 🙂


She’s augmented.


But will loyalty to the corporation that raised her defeat her love for the young woman challenging the corporate president?

SBibb - Huntress Book Cover

A YA Dystopian Snow White Retelling

Read Huntress for FREE on Amazon:


* * *

I hope you find a good book! 😀

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