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This semester I’m enrolled in both Business Management for Photography and Digital Portfolio, which is essentially a web design class. The important part is that I’m in the process of forming a business plan (both for illustration and for portrait), and I’m developing a website that will eventually be the hub of this process.

However, I’m also looking into other marketing strategies. I plan to use this wordpress blog to reveal behind the scenes info, I intend to make a business page on facebook to do both promotions and sneak peaks of upcoming illustrations, and I intend to continue using Flickr to showcase a large variety of photography, since my main website will act as a portfolio.

One thing in this process I’ve started is to create a Cafepress shop to sell my personal illustrations as posters, t-shirts, journals, tote bags, and other miscellaneous items. Problem is, I’ve got to figure out how to market it. I’ve considered using Google’s Adwords, but I’m not quite sure that’s the method I want to use. For now, have a look:

The color themes temporarily match the upcoming website theme, and hopefully I’ve got it nicely categorized for customers to search through. In the meantime, I’m trying out Google’s Analytics tool to see if I can see any trends in traffic.

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