My Recent Discovery of Book Trailers

So after reading the post ( by Raaven, which had the book trailer for La Estrella, I started getting an interest in book trailers. To be honest, I’d never really paid them much attention. I figured that if I’d read the blurb and that would tell me whether I liked it or not.

But then I started looking at book trailers, and the movie-like quality of them fascinated me. Some where less than thrilling, but others quickly caught my attention. The one Raaven mention, La Estrella, has me wanting to read the book, though I know very little Spanish. (Here’s to hoping it eventually gets translated).

Another one that caught my eye was also posted by Raaven (, called Harbinger. Personally, it’s not the type of book that I’d normally pick up, though I was fascinated by the trailer. I would give it a look now if I saw it in a book store, though I probably would have passed it over before.

Now publishers are also promoting thier books with book trailers through Facebook.

Starters instantly caught my eye, and I went on to read the sample chapter. Needless to say, it’s now on my to-read list (consequently, I signed up on Goodreads just to keep track of them all).


The other recent one was Under the Never Sky, which I’d previously ignored. After seeing the trailer, I definatly plan on giving the book a chance.

Under the Never Sky:

Would I go out and buy the book on the trailer alone? Probably not. But the ones that catch my interest do get me reading the sample chapters.

And one book trailer just made me happy, because it was advertising book two by showing the ending of book one. If you don’t want spoilers for Matched, you might not want to watch the trailer for Crossed.

Anyways, twas a thought I had. Personally I really enjoy these movie-esque book trailers, and whether I self-publish or traditionally publish the novel I’m working on, I’d want to consider the possibility of making a trailer. 🙂


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7 responses to “My Recent Discovery of Book Trailers

  1. I too just discovered the concept of book trailers. I thought they were dumb and pointless at first (and a bit superfluous), but then a fellow blogger posted hers and I thought it was really cool. Good luck!

    • I will admit that they can be extremely cheesy. But there’s just something kind of neat about seeing a book brought to life via animated or movie format, not to mention the artwork itself. 🙂

      • I agree, now. I wish I had the ability to do one. But I’m a techological dud…

        • If I was to do my own book trailer, I’d probably have to hire someone to do it professionally (or see if I could bribe them with cookies). But I’d definitly want to be part of the process. Helping create the story board, set the mood, select models. Sounds fun, and I used to play around a little bit with that sort of thing.

          • hmm, cookie bribing. Now there’s an idea! Haha. The one I saw was actually really simple. Just a string of pictures from the internet, some words, and everything was arranged in a slow slide show set to music. I think I can actually do that. Maybe.

            • True. Just make sure you have the right liscence to use the pictures. There’s a few stock sites around that offer pictures fairly cheap. And I know there’s royalty free music sites around somewhere, but I haven’t really worked with those. Pacing’s definitly important, though.

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