Masquerade Photoshoot – Joe and Meg

These pictures are ones I did for Meg and Joe’s photoshoot, of which the theme was “masquerade.” I’d like to thank Meg for providing the dresses she wore during this photoshoot, and Cherise for providing Joe’s hat. I had the masks and created the cloak that Joe wore. (Thanks, Christina, for finding the buttons that give it the masquerade look). The cloak got sewn together about an hour and a half before the shoot, right after making a trip to the nearest antique store/thrift shop. Very handy for photoshoots. Anyways, this was a fun shoot, shot at Culp park and indoors. Unfortunately, the outdoors shoot didn’t come out as sharp, but it had some really neat images, especially since we ended up playing with a “Western meets Eastern” aspect to it. đŸ™‚

Flickr Slideshow:

 SBibb - Masquerade Photoshoot

SBibb - Masquerade Photoshoot

SBibb - Masquerade Photoshoot

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