New Book Cover and Promo Materials

It’s my pleasure to announce the latest completed book cover, “30 Days to the End of the World” for Diana Bocco (

SBibb - Kindle Cover - 30 Days

Of course, once the final wrap-around cover is completed, I’ll reveal that and let you know when she expects her book to be available. 🙂

Meantime, I thought I’d mention something about promo materials. I’ve decide to plan on including promo materials in all but the most basic cover packages. This included an 8.5×11 flyer, a signature and avatar for those who want (such as if you’re on an online forum like Absolute Write), a thumbnail image, blog image, bookmark, business card, and post card. It’s up to the author whether they want to use them and how, but the idea is to make it easier for potential readers to remember your book.

Say you’re at a convention. Or maybe a book signing, and someone is debating whether or not to buy the book or doesn’t have money on hand. By providing them with a business card or bookmark, especially something that is a teaser, they’ll have something tangible to look back to if they want to look on Amazon for it later. Granted, everyone uses these differently, but I like for the option to be available for those who do. And with something like a bookmark, you could make a point to sign it. Or make notes on the back of a business card, if there’s something you’d talked about. The possibilities are endless, really.

But these are the promo materials I made for this cover, and I thought I’d share. 🙂

SBibb - 30 Days Postcard SBibb - 30 Days Business Card

SBibb - 30 Days Signature

SBibb - 30 Days Bookmark

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