Name Change and Marriage

Well, if the blog’s seemed quiet over the past two weeks, it’s because I’ve been busy with my wedding and having a honeymoon. As of June 10th, I am now Stephanie Flint.Ā šŸ™‚

This is a picture my aunt took of me and my husband, where the photographer’s getting a family picture with us and my parents. šŸ™‚

SBibb - Wedding

Of course, that brings up the question of what name to use for business. I’ve already started branding using “SBibb.”, My facebook page, blog, DeviantArt, and everything else is tagged with SBibb. So while I will soon be legally changing my name to Stephanie Flint, I will most likely continue my photography and illustration under SBibb and Stephanie Bibb. I plan on seeking a “doing business as” for that name, and planning to continue self-publishing short stories (such as the prequel to “Socks”) under Stephanie Bibb. However, anything newer, or done jointly with Isaac, my husband, will be under Stephanie Flint (such as the novel I’m working on).

So yay. Now I just need to remember which name I’m supposed to sign with. šŸ™‚

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