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Ice Bucket Challenge

All right, so a close friend challenged me and my husband to the #icebucketchallenge . Granted, I tend to be skeptical of these things, so I decided to do a bit of research.

This is what I found.

Information about ALS:

Interesting fact: Lou Gehrig was a baseball player whose career (and life) was cut short by ALS

ALS Organization:

Information about where the donation money went last year:

Concern with challenge: Ice Bucket Challenge is a fad, which means that it will go out as quickly as it came… and with it, research dollars that they need on a steady basis:

Decent post about why the Ice Bucket Challenge isn’t a bad thing:

Related post from the wife of a man with ALS:

In the long run, we decided to make a donation. Not much, but hopefully it’ll help fund their research. And regardless if that research is able to help ALS treatment, research can sometimes find cures and treatments for other diseases, if indirectly.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at what ALS is, I encourage you to do so. Even if you can’t donate, and even if you plan to avoid cold buckets of ice water, a little knowledge can go a long way in helping solve all kinds of problems.

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Name Change and Marriage

Well, if the blog’s seemed quiet over the past two weeks, it’s because I’ve been busy with my wedding and having a honeymoon. As of June 10th, I am now Stephanie Flint. 🙂

This is a picture my aunt took of me and my husband, where the photographer’s getting a family picture with us and my parents. 🙂

SBibb - Wedding

Of course, that brings up the question of what name to use for business. I’ve already started branding using “SBibb.”, My facebook page, blog, DeviantArt, and everything else is tagged with SBibb. So while I will soon be legally changing my name to Stephanie Flint, I will most likely continue my photography and illustration under SBibb and Stephanie Bibb. I plan on seeking a “doing business as” for that name, and planning to continue self-publishing short stories (such as the prequel to “Socks”) under Stephanie Bibb. However, anything newer, or done jointly with Isaac, my husband, will be under Stephanie Flint (such as the novel I’m working on).

So yay. Now I just need to remember which name I’m supposed to sign with. 🙂

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Graduation – Where To Go From Here

Wow, it’s been a busy week. One of the (many) reasons for this is graduation. That’s right, I can now say I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Photography, with a minor in creative writing. What does that mean? Makes it easier for me write my credentials on website. And I  now have an actual album portfolio (a metal cover with leather binding and metallic pages, if you’re curious to know the details). I also have my Honor’s College Project, the “1000 Words” book.

But the real reason I wanted to bring this up was because of a few important things that I took from college. One thing is the importance of passing on knowledge. In an ideal world, education would be free, and passed on without having to pay for it. One great thing about the internet. It’s also a reason that I’m trying to keep my blog updated. I’m trying to focus on the self-publishing business and book cover design, as well as photo illustration. And I’m trying to post something useful when I do, so that there’s at least some tidbit of helpful information to pass on.

Which is why, if you have a question, feel free to ask. I may not know the answer, but if I do, or if I have ideas, I’ll try to help out. It’s why I’ve posted a list of blogs on the side of this blog that may proove useful to you. Yes, I’m trying to promote my business, but I also do want to be helpful.

Anyways, for my little note about promotion today, this is the flier I made to promote “1000 Words.” I don’t really expect it to bring much notice, but then, I didn’t write “1000 Words” to be a popular book. It started out as a portfolio to showcase my book cover designs, but hopefully it’s entertaining, too. But I included the picture in the flier, for recognition, listed  where it could be found and the prices, and said a little bit about it, both genres and what it is. I tried to make it bold and readable. We’ll see if it gets noticed or not. 🙂

SBibb's Photographic Illustration - 1000 Words Flier


Up Next:

1. Try to find a “real” job (that is, something to pay rent until I get this book cover business going)

2. Edit Distant Horizon, my YA novel I’m hoping to traditionally publish

3. Write novella one of the “Socks” novellas (more on that soon)

4. Work on premade covers to offer (more on that soon)

5. See about doing interviews with various self-published author to get the other side of the publishing business.

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Ads and SEO

Recently I was working on articles for the company I freelance with, writing articles for a printer ink. Shortly afterwards I noticed that several of the advertisements online now showed that site- and the same happened with another site later. While I worked on novel writing information, self-publishing sites kept being advertised. During my Advertising Photography class, my teacher mentioned that a similar instance happened to him.

Apparently advertising is getting better at targeting computers and your recent searches, supplying more direct and useful information directly to the potential consumer. I would like to know what other people’s thoughts are- do you like having more direct ads? Or is this an invasion of privacy? What kind of problems can this bring up, and how does it help advertisers?

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Fish Aren’t Cheap

When my pet Goldie died while I was in Kidnergarten, it seemed I would never have another fish. At the time, my parents weren’t sure what to do with it (I won Goldie at a fair when I was a Girlscout). We bought it a small bowl, a net, food, and filled the bowl with water. When he kept getting sicker, Mom replaced the water. Little did we know that tap water was the very thing killing that poor fish. He was buried in the backyard with a popsicle cross.

Later I got Patchis, my dog, then Misty, my cat. Of course, when I finally went to college, I couldn’t take them with me. Freshman year and part of Sophomore year I lived at the doorms without pets. Then Christmas Vacation came around and I went to the local Hallmarks. To my utter fascination, there were miniature self-sustained ecosystem that had two African Dwarf Frogs in them. The Hallmarks was going out of business, so everything was on sale. I did some research on these little aqauriums, and decided after a week that I would be returning to the dorms with two new pets.

I picked them up a week before school started again, and I’m happy to say they are still alive and well.

Then, later in the semester, I was at my fiance’s parent’s house. His mother, who loves fish, had a fish that had to be removed from the aquarium because of aggressive tendencies. “You want to take him home, right?” She pointed to the giant jar of water holding our soon-to-be new pet.


I wanted to keep him, and Isaac liked fish. But we already had Revan and T’seutey (From Star Wars and Avatar, respectively), and we didn’t have an aqurium. His mom pointed out that the fish needed to get a new home soon, and we could get a tank for fifteen dollars at Walmarts. She even handed us a dropper full of water-cleaning stuff, a bag of used gravel, and a partially used bottle of fish food.

Semi-reluctantly, we agreed. With one condition from Isaac, my fiance. “I want one of the shrimp to help keep the aquarium clean.” Plus, the ghost shrimp looked cool.

It was settled. We returned home that night, bought a new 1.5 gallon aquarium, a few plants, a couple gallons of spring water, and set up the tank. We dubbed our color-changing fish (Normally a blue-grey, black when angry, and white when scared or content- I haven’t figured out which yet) Malak, and the shrimp Gambit (From Star Wars and our recent fascination, X-Men).

Soon after, the shrimp died, and we went to the pet store to get new bottom feeders (after giving him a proper toilet burial). We got a new snail and two shrimp. We didn’t name the shrimp, for fear of them dieing on us, but the snail was named either Kreia or Dark Helmet. We never actually decided. Eventually the shrimp died, rather mysteriously since they vanished from the aquarium with no explanation (Malak got hungry?) and soon after, the snail followed. It took a while for us to realize he was dead, as research indicated they often liked to float. He was buried outside, and once we saw how dirty the water had gotten, we completely cleaned the tank, boiled the gravel, and recreated Malak’s home. We went and picked up a new snail, who was never named, and he acted much healthier.

A week ago, our snail started showing signs of sickness. Despite changing the water (and realizing the algae was picking up) he passed on. We burried him outside, as well. Befuddled at the inability to keep the smaller creatures, we went to the pet store looking for advice and a new snail. We wound up with a small brown algae eater instead, and the plan to buy a larger tank once we found out the smaller tank’s pH levels were probably too variable.

The new fish didn’t last a day.

Frustrated, I went to Walmarts and checked out the prices of their tanks. We needed something bigger, a system that was more stable. I picked up the gallons of water (5 gallons, $5.00), and presented our option to Isaac. We both decided to go with the five gallon tank ($30.00), picked up the rest of the water, came home, and cleaned the gravel. We began setting up the aquarium, only to realize we needed more gravel. So back to walmarts we went, picking up a 5 pound bag of gravel, a set of glass beads for decoration (they also make great minions for table-top role-play)  and a mini bridge for decoration. We transplanted Malak’s old fake plants and found one unused one to put in the new aqaurium. We let it run for a day. Then we picked up the replacement brown algae eater and four ghost shrimp, and floated them in the tank. Finally we released them. After adjusting the filter, everyone swam happily.

So far, they are still alive, thankfully. On the downside- $50.00 to fully replace the tank and get new fish- and we still need to get a new snail. So parents be warned- little kids who get free fish at fairs? It’s not free. And the sons who get a free fish from their mother?

Fish aren’t cheap.

But they are cool.

Below is pictures from the new aquarium:

Fish Tank - Stephanie Bibb

Fish Tank - Stephanie Bibb

Fish Tank - Stephanie Bibb


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