Family Portraits – My Cousins’ Kids

So I’ve been meaning to get these pictures edited, and I finally have. (And got the CDs sent off to thier respective families). These are pictures of my cousins kids, one on my dad’s side and one on my mom’s side. If you want to see more, they also have Flickr Slideshows of a select few of them.  The first two on Cousin Joe’s pictures have been fully edited. The rest all had basic edits done to them in Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 4.0, and I’m really enjoying the way CS6 saves things. Makes it really nice to work with, since it lets you keep working while its saving. 🙂 Still need to work on the Lightroom watermark thing, though it looks like it could be a handy function.

Anyways, thought I’d show these, since I do take portraits to. (But don’t worry, up next we’ll be back to photoillustration). 🙂

Cousin Joe’s pictures:

SBibb - Joe's Kids Portrait]

SBibb - Joe's Kids Portrait

SBibb - Joe's Kids Portraits

Uh… the last one is me being swarmed by the little kids.

Flickr Slideshow:


Cousin Kristin’s Pictures:

SBibb - Kristin's Kids Portraits

SBibb - Kristin's Kids Portraits

SBibb - Kristin's Kids Portraits

Flickr Slideshow:

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