Behind the Scenes – Moth and Rust

Another cover for Melange Books.

Oiy, this one was a doozy. I finally got a chance to play with anthropomorphic characters again, and these aren’t your usual species… here we have a spiny anteater and an armadillo. Let’s just say I got to really play with character creation and setting creation. This one took a bunch of stock photos to complete, and this is an example of where it’s helpful to have a stock subscription to be able to pick up everything at a lower cost. Melange Books had the stock subscription, so that helped. I put together the mock first, and then did the final tweaks once we had the basics. Some stuff went together really easily with the use of auto-align layers, while other pieces had to be separately liquefied or smudged or drawn in. Meanwhile, I tried using fonts and word placement as close to the previous books in this series as possible (we were trying to give the series a more ‘adult’ feel to it by changing styles), while keeping the consistency.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the final result.

SBibb - Moth and Rust - Book Cover

I also put the back cover together for this cover, though the image on the back is not mine. It was provided by the author.

SBibb - MaRwraparound


Stock Photos from Dreamstime:

Helpful Tutorial:


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4 responses to “Behind the Scenes – Moth and Rust

  1. Now THAT is an INTRIGUING Cover Stephanie 😀

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