Thoughts on Writing – A Short Post

Well, I was going to have a longer post up today, but I forgot to write it yesterday and today was even busier than I expected. So, instead, I’m going to make a quick note on the benefits of scheduling early.

When you have a blog (especially one that allows you to schedule posts, as WordPress does), you may find it handy to write your posts at the time you have the initial idea, then set them to release on a later date. This is what Isaac and I plan to do when we release The Multiverse Chronicles, and what I often do for regular posts (except today). This is a great way to ensure that your posts have a reasonable consistency of release, a great way to schedule guest posts without worrying that you’ll forget to post them on the right day, and a great way to relieve the stress involved with trying to get a post done by 8:00 Monday night. *Ahem.*

You can also schedule tweets, if you use Twitter. I’ve used Tweetdeck, which is also a great tool for managing hashtags and watching a conversation unfold. (A necessity if you work during the day of #Pitmad, which has new rules for next time).

With that said, I hope those are helpful insights.

In other news, Rebekkah Ford did a book feature of Magic’s Stealing on her blog. Click here to find another excerpt from the book (an excerpt which isn’t available in the preview on Smashwords!), and check out the other books she features while you’re at it. 😀

Now I’m off to write a much longer post. Have you found any handy tricks to managing a blog?


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2 responses to “Thoughts on Writing – A Short Post

  1. Great advice! Generally I just use an excel spreadsheet where I put a bunch of ideas on a calendar-type deal and when I post them, I type “Published” on there to keep track. Not terribly high-tech, but I like the system. I do like the idea of writing all the posts ahead of time and then scheduling them, though. The company I work for in my graduate program uses hootsuite and the Social Media department seems to love it.

    • I’ve used an Excel sheet for quite a few other things I keep track of. I need to make a few business-based sheets so that I can keep track of sales once Magic’s Stealing goes live. I’ll probably refer back to the small business planning book I read for a business class I had a while book to get a few tips.

      I haven’t used hootsuite, but I’ve heard of it. The only program I’ve used is Tweetdeck. For the small amount that I use it, it seems to work fairly well. 🙂

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