No more random ads! (Hopefully)

I’d been thinking about upgrading to a paid WordPress plan for a while now. The main reason was to remove ads from the blog. I’d known they were lurking there, usually somewhere between posts.

Recently, though, I noticed that one of the other authors I followed through WordPress had a random ad that would be at the end of his email, and it got me thinking about the existence of ads on my blog.

I don’t see them regularly, since I’m signed in.

So I signed out, headed over to this blog, and…



There were so many of them! And they weren’t even the related ads that could at least be interesting.

And they were interrupting the middle of my content…

All right then.

Ads going bye-bye.

I signed up for a very basic paid plan, enough to remove the ads from the site. So far, so good. Hopefully this looks a lot better (and is easier to read) than the previous version.

And, hopefully, there won’t be ads showing up in the emails for blog subscribers. (If you do see them, please let me know so I can check with WordPress and see if there’s a way to disable them.)

Anyway, have a great week…

I’ve got some exciting book news coming up. 😀

(Also, don’t forget to sign up for the free YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy BookSweeps giveaway! Only a couple days left before it closes.)

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