Is there a ghost in the code?

Too bad reprogramming a haunted airship doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

Halloween is almost here, and now, Whispers in the Code is back! And it’s free. 😀

As a way to try introducing more readers to the Glitch series I’ve made the first book perma-free (free for the forseeable future).

It’s available on most major retailers, too. That was one of the big things I’d been wanting to do for a while… pull it out of Kindle Unlimited and offer it wide again.

(The current exception to the wide retailer list is, where it hasn’t reuploaded yet, but I think they might still be dealing with the hacking that messed up their system. Unfortunately, that one’s out of my hands.)

Without further ado…

Whispers in the Code!

And it’s free! 😀

Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK) | Apple Books | Kobo | Smashwords

(If it’s not showing up free in your region, please let me know)

The next two books are also available at the same retailers for $2.99 (and hopefully equivalent prices in other currencies) each.

That said, if you read Whispers in the Code and like it, the price on the complete collection is only $4.99, meaning you can get the complete story for less than if you buy the last two books separately. 😉

And, in case you’re not as familiar with the Glitch saga…

Here’s the blurb for the first book!

Too bad reprogramming a haunted airship doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

Blinded by love, Tim helps his girlfriend steal a valuable artifact from the rebellion—an artifact used by its rightful owners to create a monstrous, living airship that will end the war and restore world order.

Thanks to his ability to mentally control computers, his new allies bring him into their highest ranks…

With a catch.

They need his powers to complete what they started. The airship should have been devastating—a marvel of technology enhanced with super-human powers from the memory-wiped people they hooked into the vessel’s computer.

Instead, it has glitches.

Fragments of human memories wreak havoc in the airship’s internal code. Their tormented whispers invade Tim’s thoughts.

His superiors need him to figure out why.

To impress them, and thus secure his place at his girlfriend’s side, Tim needs to remove those “ghosts…”

Before one of the airship’s glitches traps his mind as just another whisper in the code.

Descend into the madness…

If this sounds like your kind of read, go grab a copy! It’s free. 😀

Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK) | Apple Books | Kobo | Smashwords


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