Free eBook Promotion Highlight – Month’s Compilation

This week I’m featuring all of this month’s promos, mostly because this month has been filled traveling (more on that in the upcoming status report!) and someone–me–forgot to set up the weekly promos beforehand. But they’re still up for a few days, so browse through the promos and enjoy. 😀

All of these have free ebooks. Some of them go through BookFunnel, some through Book Cave, and those usually require an email address to download the book. Another is for books that are available for free wide across multiple retailers. Just make sure to check the price before buying because those sometimes switch prices on the author without warning.

Escape Into a New Fantasy Free Ebook Fair

Brave New Worlds Free SciFi and Fantasy Ebook Giveaway

Sci-Fi Fantasy Free Ebook Giveaway

Fall Fantasy Free EBook Promo

* * *

I hope you find a good book! 😀

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