Infinitas Publishing – Status Report

With October over, it’s time for another Infinitas Publishing status report!

I’ve highlighted the projects that had changes in blue.

* * *

Starless Night: (Book 3 of the Distant Horizon series). I’ve finished with the proofreading note comments, so the ebook updates are ready to go, and I’ve started formatting the paperback edition.

Changing Tides: (Book 4 of the Distant Horizon series). Revisions of the first chunk of draft is complete at 56,000 words! (Meaning I revised about 37,000 words and cut a couple thousand words since the last report).

Isaac and I have been discussing the revisions as he gets a chance to read them (though him reading them is on hold while finishing his dissertation), as well as possible scenes throughout the rest of the book.

Now I’m focused on my plan of writing 100k words during NaNoWriMo to finish the draft!

This… might be a bit ambitious, admittedly. But if I can finish the draft by the end of the month, I might still be able to have everything completed on time for the release date we’ve tentatively marked.

Having learned from last time, we’re not announcing that release date until we’re actually closer to being finished.

Currently I’m at 11,000 words of my 100,000 word NaNoWriMo goal. You can follow along with my progress here. 🙂

The Glitch Saga (Distant Horizon spin-off series): Goal is to create a new cover and print edition for the complete collection edition. (On hold).

Deceived #2 – (Distant Horizon spin-off series): I have a couple scenes to revise, and then I can hand this to Isaac for developmental edits. Next step is to create a book cover for Deceived #2, and continue revisions on Deceived #3.

Future Goals: Add Isaac’s notes from Deceived #5 (formerly #4) into the manuscript, revise Deceived #5, and revise #6 (formerly #5) before handing it to Isaac for his feedback.

Lily’s Story: (Distant Horizon series spin-off/prequel novel) On hold. (Has outline).

Sky Runner: (Multiverse novel). On hold. (Has outline)

The Multiverse Chronicles: On hold. (Needs edits).

Little One: On hold. (Needs revisions).

TWB 4: (Book Four of The Wishing Blade series). On hold. Next step is to finish adding the remaining outline to Scrivener, review that outline for missing plot points, and then write the rough draft.

Runes and Ravens (Stone and String 3): Needs outlining and revision. On hold.

The Secret in the Shadows: (Prequel novella for The Wishing Blade) On hold. Needs the rest of Isaac’s notes input into the manuscript.

Wishing Blade Prequel (Prequel novella for The Wishing Blade): On hold. My next step is to write the rough draft of the new scenes and begin revising the original scenes to match the updated outline.

Once complete, this is intended to be a newsletter-exclusive story.

The Legends of Cirena – Collaborative Adventure Facebook Group: On hiatus.

The Dark Forest of Aneth (“Ro’nor (“The Restless Sands of Neel”) & Zynia (“The Dragons of the Mist”) cross-over / A Legends of Cirena short novel): On hold.

Goals: Rough draft needs completed via the Collaborative Adventure Facebook group, and there are a couple scenes I’d like to add earlier in the story. I already have a book cover concept, which still needs to be completed.

The Wind Mage and the Wolf (“Livena (The Wind Mage of Maijev”) & Nuaka (“The Gryphon and the Mountain Bear”) cross-over / A Legends of Cirena short novel) : The Joran short story project is on hold.

Legends of Cirena Epic: Outlining on hold. Not sure yet if it will be a series of shorts and novellas, or a novel. Map of Litkanston on hold. This is intended to be a back-burner project.

“MOG”: On hold. (Needs revisions)

Huntress 3: Needs updated outline, revised draft, and continued rough draft.

Huntress Prequel: On hold at 18,000 words. Needs rough draft completed.

Game Design: On hold.

Future plans in game design involve: possibly preparing a print-and-play version of Battle Decks, polishing the elemental game card art and testing mechanics, and looking into options for feasibly producing Phalanx.

Space Adventure Comic: On hold.

Villain Problems: (WIP panels viewable on my Instagram). On hold.

Emberverse (Working Title):  Revisions on hold. Needs title. Needs outline for “Season 2.”

Marketing: No paid ads this month except for Amazon drip ads and the usual BookFunnel Promos. I continued posting on Twitter, though not always daily. I still need to schedule this month’s Weekly Blog Promo Highlights.

The big step for this month was finally polishing the onboarding sequence for the Distant Horizon newsletter and getting that running. 😁

Additionally, since I needed an updated author bio for the Writers of Warrensburg Hawthorn Creek anthology, I also have a new author bio!

Stephanie Flint (she/her) loves reading and writing stories about sprawling worlds, uprooting oppressive societies, and awesome queer characters. When not writing, she creates digital 3D art, builds skybridges in Minecraft, and plays table-top games with her husband (who makes sure she doesn’t break their story universes with one-too-many shiny new magic systems). Originally from Missouri, she graduated college with a degree in photography and creative writing before moving to the snowy, Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

I still need to update the bio on various websites (including this blog), but it’s now written and on Amazon. 🙂

Also… our Infinitas Publishing website now has a new header image, this one focused a little more on the world-building aspect than the characters. As much as I liked the idea of the previous image, it wasn’t quite as professional as I would have liked, and I’d always intended to do more updates to it, but never got to doing those polishes.

Original Banner:

Original Infinitas Publishing Banner

New Banner:

New Infinitas Publishing Banner

Also, I finally added our Pinterest link to the Infinitas Publishing website contact page.

Next up: Start working on the Wishing Blade Universe newsletter onboarding sequence, and continue adding sample chapters to the BookFunnel pages and the main Infinitas Publishing website.

Other future marketing goals: Update the business ledger. Add a progress tracker somewhere for the different books. Test Draft2Digital for wide print distribution, revise Amazon ads, and overhaul book categories and keywords. Create a “Backburner Project Page” for projects that aren’t going to be focused on for a while. Start overhauling book blurbs.

LitRPG / GameLit Story: On hold. (Needs revisions and restructuring).

Hawthorn Creek A Collection of Secrets Anthology CoverOther Stories: I finished proofreading my story for the Writers of Warrensburg anthology, and I’m happy to report that Hawthorn Creek: A Collection of Secrets has been published!

My short story, “Red Light, Green Light” is a sci-fi short story set in the future of the fictional town of Hawthorn Creek, Missouri. 🙂

I also wrote a Halloween-themed short story. You can read “Of Garlic and Glitter Bombs” on this blog by clicking here.

The YA SciFi Alien Invasion/Dystopian Conspiracy short story revisions and Mermaid/Siren Sci-Fi short story draft are on hold. Comic script (“If I Had Asked”) on hold.

Untitled Fantasy Story: On hold. Next step is to review and adjust the first book’s outline, and then adjust book two’s outline.

SBibb’s Photographic Illustration: I’ve created a book cover proof and started work on blending stock photos in the cover for the independent small press’s project. Print formatting is still in progress.

Future Goals: Figure out a schedule for uploading general art projects. Update the SBibbPhoto website to incorporate Daz work, and fix the SEO information.

Daz PA: This month saw the release of my Skyward Gaze pose set! 😀

SBibb Skyward Gaze Poses for Genesis 8 and 8.1


This is a pose set Isaac helped me create. 🙂

In the meantime, I’ve created the base poses for the joint PA project I’m working on, and I’m currently waiting for them to finalize something on their end before I move forward on mine. I also did a little more work toward finalizing the remaining pose set Isaac helped create.

Additionally, I’ve finally started polishing a really old pose set that I had started on as part of my PA application, but got sidetracked with other projects to complete. A new opportunity popped up that made this one more feasible, and I’m looking forward to completing it. Plus, there’s another set I’ve got in mind to work on (dials made, now need to make the poses).

And I continued my morph idea and accompanying outfit test. Not sure how long that one will take to release, but it’s one I’ve been having fun working on during weekends. 🙂




* * *

Happy writing and reading (Or 3D rendering if you’re into Daz)! 🙂


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  1. Just your status reports would take me the time to write a book!

    • It does take a bit of time to write them, but having the template does help out a bit with remembering what needs to get added. 🙂

      Which reminds me… I need to get the previous month’s report posted. I might just compile it with this month at the end of the month.

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