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Episode 15: The Siege of Hague – Part One

Finally got the next episode of The Multiverse Chronicles up! We hope you enjoy it! 😀

The Multiverse Chronicles

The Multiverse Chronicles


“The Siege of Hague – Part One”

* * *

The Multiverse Chronicles - Buford War Map

* * *

General Buford laid a map of Prussia on the table before him. Several of his executive officers gathered around. They stared, eyes locked on the map, their bodies tense.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Buford started, his face expressionless. “We have our orders from the Dragon Queen herself to set up a landing point for a larger invasion fleet at the city of Hague. I’ve spoken with a representative for the Franks, and they have decided to stay neutral in this conflict. They would rather spend their resources expanding overseas than get in the middle of our bloody feud.” He paused. “Can’t say I blame them.”

“Where does that put us?” Sergeant Cornwell raised an eyebrow and tapped his scone on the edge of his plate. “They won’t be able to stay neutral and…

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Episode 14: The Test – Part Two

The next episode of The Multiverse Chronicles is now online! 😀

Trish must successfully complete her flight examination or lose her pterosaur for good…

The Multiverse Chronicles

The Multiverse Chronicles


“The Test – Part Two”

* * *

The Multiverse Chronicles - Pterosaur and a Steam Boat

* * *

After the young pterosaur’s capture, the mangy humans kept her chained to their floating hut. At first, she fought the chain. She snapped at it and flapped her wings, but the chain held fast and the boat was anchored. Though the humans at the hatchery had kept her enclosed in their dome, they never bound her with a dirty, ragged chain, which tore at her skin and mangled her scales.

She was not a happy pterosaur.

Later that evening, the weathered man with straw-colored hair and grit in his wrinkled skin approached her with a pile of hemp rope in his hands. She shrieked at him and flared her wings, but he just smiled, revealing a set of broken teeth. The pterosaur snapped at him—let him see that her teeth were not broken! He…

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Episode 13: The Test – Part One

Episode Twelve of The Multiverse Chronicles is now up!

Trish goes about her week at camp, facing trials of textbooks and tack…

The Multiverse Chronicles

The Multiverse Chronicles


“The Test – Part One”

* * *

The Multiverse Chronicles: Trials of Blood and Steel - Silent Morning

* * *

Trish chewed on a granola bar from the mess hall as she crossed the campground. The early morning sky was dark. Cool air whispered through her hair and across her cheeks, helping her wake. The stable tent stood as a dark silhouette on the distant hill, mostly silent except for the few wolves prowling nearby in search of a wild snack.

At 0430, Trish had plenty of time to make the journey up the hill, which was fine by her. The chilly air raised gooseflesh on her skin, but lately, the still mornings were the only downtime that could calm her nerves.

At least, the only downtime she’d found.

This was her seventh day at the camp in Francia. Thus far, her training had consisted of textbooks, tests, practicing basic commands with her pterosaur—which…

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Thoughts on Writing – Writing A Serial Novel – MVChron Midpoint Evaluation

Now that Isaac and I have reached the midpoint of The Multiverse Chronicles (or what was originally going to be the midpoint), I thought it might be fun to look at what we had planned for this series, and what the current trajectory is.

For those of you who are new to my blog, The Multiverse Chronicles is a pseudo-steampunk fantasy blog series that my husband and I write. Isaac writes the rough draft for each episode, which I then edit. We send that draft to a beta-reader, who gives us feedback. We polish the episode, and then post it to our blog (approximately once a week between episodes).

The series started because we wanted a way to advertise our Battle Decks: Trials of Blood and Steel card game. So we worked out more of the universe and wrote it into story format. (Fun Fact: The story came from the card game, but the card game from a story… which came from a role-play game Isaac game-mastered and created the world for. It’s just one big cycle.)

When we first planned the series, we thought they’d be short little episodes, each an individual story following the lives of various characters who we occasionally revisited (actually, we first pictured this as a comic strip). As the story progressed, certain themes would reoccur and a larger story arc would appear, but would only be important to those who read the whole series.

That didn’t happen.

The story evolved to have a full-blown plot. Even then, we determined that we would still keep the episodes short (around 500-1500 words), and we would keep some level of independent story from episode to episode, that way new readers could fall in at any time and be able to reasonably follow what was going on.


Let’s take a look at the actual word count of the first twelve episodes, shall we?

  • Prologue: 478
  • Episode 1: 2,318
  • Episode 2: 3,287
  • Episode 3: 2,771
  • Episode 4: 3,395
  • Episode 5: 3,829
  • Episode 6: 2,202
  • Episode 7: 3,082
  • Episode 8: 3,660
  • Episode 9: 2,760
  • Episode 10: 2,018
  • Episode 11: 3,918
  • Episode 12: 4,226

Ignoring the prologue, which we added at the last minute because we wanted to have at least some reference of why we call this “The Multiverse Chronicles,” the episodes are well above the intended length.

Granted, a lot of that is my fault. I like details. I want to see the world…

And I enjoy knowing what the bad guys are doing.

Isaac’s original drafts are closer to the intended length (for example, the original draft of the first episode is only 1,645 words long, and episode twelve was only 1,672 words long (note: this does not include the end scene, which was added later and raised the total count to 2,591 words).

Combined,the total word count for the first twelve episodes without the prologue is 37,466 words, with an average of 3,122 words per episode.

That’s double the original word count we had in mind.

Adding to the word count was the decision to add “Meanwhile“scenes at the end of each episode to show what other characters, especially the antagonists, were up to. The idea was to build suspense. Per feedback from our beta-reader, we later stopped calling them “Meanwhile” scenes and just made them a part of the regular episode, albeit with a section break.

What remained as planned, however, was to have an illustration with each story, hearkening back to the idea of penny dreadfuls and dime novels. Though the style and number of illustration varies a bit from episode to episode, we try to have at least something.

Originally we planned to have 24 episodes, though looking at our current structure, we now have 27 episodes planned, and I haven’t checked to see if any of the remaining episodes need to be split into two parts (as we did with one of the earlier episodes, and the two episodes we’ll be releasing next).

Once the first season has been released, I’m hoping to go back through the full story, make any final changes and polish the writing, and then publish a print and ebook edition. But that’s a post for another day.

Though we deviated from our original plans, I hope that readers will still enjoy The Multiverse Chronicles. And please, feel free to chime in with thoughts and comments as you read each episode. We would love to hear from you. 🙂

Previous posts about the serialization process:

Thoughts on Publishing – Serial Publishing Methods

Thoughts on Writing – What does a Serial Episode Need?


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Episode 9: Forbidden Realm

Episode 9 of The Multiverse Chronicles is now up! 😀

The Multiverse Chronicles

The Multiverse Chronicles

Season One: Episode Nine

“Forbidden Realm”

* * *

The Multiverse Chronicles: Trials of Blood and Steel - Alfons and Alia

* * *

Alia, Alfons, and the cinnamon-colored rat stared at the glowing, approaching eyes. The closer the eyes came, the more visible the automatons grew. Their metal limbs clanked and whirred. Though their bodies were painted in alternating splotches of greens and browns—difficult to see through the foliage of the woods—they most certainly looked to be five mechanical men.

Alia and Alfons exchanged glances. Neither of them had seen any such creature before. Sure, the Prussian army was fond of their tactics generators with basic computing spirits and gigantic metal hulls, but these…

These were another being entirely.

The automatons had slender, mechanical arms and legs. Their eyes faintly glowed with enchanted gold. They wore dark green, metal helmets like any soldier might, and they carried rifles in their spiny hands.

But their faces were blank, with a…

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Episode 7: Perplexing Conundrums

Episode 7 of The Multiverse Chronicles is now up! 😀

The Multiverse Chronicles

The Multiverse Chronicles

Season One: Episode Seven

“Perplexing Conundrums”

* * *

The Multiverse Chronicles: Trials of Blood and Steel - Dungeon Door

* * *

Captain John Bess rolled his letter into a thin tube and shoved it into a small green canister. He screwed the canister shut, strapped it onto a pigeon, and checked that the harness was tight. Then he opened the cage and sent the pigeon on its way.

Your Majesty,


It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that your daughter, Princess Cassandra, has been murdered.


At this time, we are uncertain as to the identity of the perpetrator. However, we are working closely with Prussian security in this investigation, and they are fully cooperating with our efforts. Current evidence suggests that the rogue agent who killed our princess may have been a Prussian defector. We are unsure of the perpetrator’s motives, but I will keep you informed of any updates.




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Thoughts on Publishing – The First Episodes of the Multiverse Chronicles are now Available!

The Multiverse Chronicles: Trials of Blood and Steel - Logo

Prodigy beastmaster, Trish Ivers, lands in trouble when her pride gets one of the Dragon Queen’s pterosaurs killed. However, she gets a second chance when a run-in with a rogue pterosaur forms a special familiar bond between them.

In the meantime, the engagement of Prince Alfons from the Industrial Union of Prussia to Princess Cassandra of Britannia promises to ally the rival nations. But a sinister plot is brewing that threatens to destroy the burgeoning peace and throw Trish in the middle of an all-out war between the beast-commanding armies of Britannia and the mechanically-inclined Prussians.

* * *

The prologue and the first three episodes of The Multiverse Chronicles are now out!

Woot! *Throws confetti.* 😀

You can read them at their new home: https://mvchron.wordpress.com/

(Click here to start at the beginning.)

We’ve released the first three episodes today, and we’ll release the next three episodes next Friday, and once weekly after that.

So go have a look, tell your friends, and if you enjoy reading this, please, please let us know. We’d love to hear your feedback. 😀

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