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The Infinitas Publishing Site is now Live!

I’m happy to announce that Isaac and I now have our Infinitas Publishing site live. 😀


Took most of yesterday (including a couple photoshoots) and a few hours here and there to get it up and running, but after finally figuring out how to get the domain properly mapped, it’s now up. You can read about the behind the scenes process on our first blog (written by Isaac): http://infinitaspublishing.com/blogs/post/Behind-the-Website/

A few parts of the site aren’t quite working yet (the upper banner doesn’t want to resize for mobile devices), but I’ve sent an email to the web host to see if they can help.

Also, we have a new twitter account where we’ll be making announcements in regards to the books and games we’re publishing: https://twitter.com/InfinitasPub

Not much up at the moment, but it’s a start. We hope you enjoy it, and we have more plans for it as we continue to move forward. 🙂

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