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(Reblogged) How to Save Your Twitter Profile from the Algorithm

I don’t often reblog other blogger’s posts very often, but this one has some important information regarding a Twitter algorithm change that may affect how you see posts in your timeline.

(In other words, they’re trying to emulate the Facebook timeline).

It’s an easy fix, but I didn’t realize they had made the change.

Drew Chial

On February 5, Buzzfeed reported that Twitter was doing away with their chronological timeline in favor of an algorithmic one. Users would no longer see tweets as they were posted in real time, but rather in an order the algorithm thought users wanted to see them. Buzzfeed theorized that this would help manage spam links and adjust Twitter’s signal to noise ratio, but users remained skeptical.

Many users feared, myself included, that Twitter was downgrading everyone in order to sell priority placement tweets to power users, just as Facebook had done with status updates on its Fan Pages. Social media services were shifting stanchions onto their free dance floors, relabeling the spaces as their VIP sections. Twitter appeared to be doing the same; gutting the democracy of the service to benefit a monopoly held by power users, celebrities, and advertisers.

We feared that the algorithm would put an end…

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Additions to the Blog

If you noticed a bunch of new links appear on the side bar of the blog, that’s because I decided to try posting links that I thought might be helpful. This includes my favorite Author/Agent sites, since I’m interested in writing, as well as book cover design sites, since I’m hoping to go into that as a profession. I’ll also include other various links that I find useful or interesting.


Also, I now have a like button on my blog for those of you interested in facebook. ( http://www.facebook.com/sbibbphoto ) 🙂


Enjoy, and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see or hear more about.

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Like Me On Facebook and Book Cover Design Services

As a quick update, I have now created a Facebook page! It is an easy way to follow my work, as I will update it with pictures from each photoshoot. 🙂


Also, I now have book cover design services listed as a page. Please contact me if you have any questions or want to use my design services. 🙂

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SBibb’s Blog Gets A New Design

Notice something different? Yep, I’ve updated the blog with a new theme that fits my upcoming website design. Look forward to a matching website, as well as (hopefully) consistent updates to DeviantArt and Cafepress. Also, a facebook page will be in the works for special promotions and sneak peaks at upcoming illustrations and deals.


Coming soon! 😀

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