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Blog Design Update and Self-Promotion

Updated the blog’s header so it fits my photo illustration business better. I’m worried it might be a little dark, so let me know how it appears in your browser, especially if there’s any readability issues. Anyways, any thoughts on the change?

Meanwhile, I’m working on trying to promote my business. I’m starting to contact various small publishers and presses to see if anyone could use my services, but I suspect that could take a lot more e-mails and time. Of course, I’m trying to keep my Flickr, DeviantArt, and Facebook accounts up to date, though most of it is the same as what you see on the blog.

One method of promotion I’m trying to use is making the gallery folders of my DeviantArt account serve as miniature portfolios. One actually does contain all the spreads found in my print portfolio.

Book Cover Examples: http://sbibb.deviantart.com/gallery/33403924

Portfolio: http://sbibb.deviantart.com/gallery/36792724

Meantime, I’m trying to think of other ways to help promote my work. Have any of you found success in certain types of promotion?

Yesterday I read an article on authors and the swag they use to promote thier books. If you’re at all interested in promotion or self-promotion, it’s worth a read: http://limecello.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/on-author-promo-swag/

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SBibb’s Blog Gets A New Design

Notice something different? Yep, I’ve updated the blog with a new theme that fits my upcoming website design. Look forward to a matching website, as well as (hopefully) consistent updates to DeviantArt and Cafepress. Also, a facebook page will be in the works for special promotions and sneak peaks at upcoming illustrations and deals.


Coming soon! 😀

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Using DeviantArt

I’ve finally started using DeviantArt again to promote my work. Though I figure it will take a while to actually acrue any sort of large following to successfully sell prints, I think it could prove useful for gaining comments on photos I have taken as well as my manipulations, along with serving as fresh inspirations for new photos. Below is a link to my account, along with a screengrab.


DeviantArt Screengrab - SBibb


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