Creative Photography Assignment 1 – Self-Portrait

Our first assignment in Creative Photography was self-portrait work. I decided I would make digital manipulation my key focus. So I set up studio in the currently empty other half of my dorm room using two Alien B400 lights and a grid spot, along with a piece of red fabric safety-pinned to the curtains, and took various pictures. Most of them were shot with a continuous shot ten-second timer. Several of the base photos turned out blurry, but after a couple shots they finally came out right. I also took several photos of my laptop. Then, in order to get the “fish-in-the-net” photos, I asked my boyfriend for help holding me- and giving me a chance to take up random poses. Granted, the expressions on my face wasn’t entirely an act, since being held precariously over a desk isn’t exactly my favorite thing to do. In the end some of those poses helped for the “falling-into-the-laptop” pictures, as well as the one where I am coming out of the laptop’s portable hardrive. It was a fun shoot, and I think the results turned out interesting.

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