Infinitas Publishing – Status Report

Time for the monthly Infinitas Publishing Status Report! 😀

* * *

Starless Night: (Book 3 of the Distant Horizon series). Needs new outline and rough draft.

The Glitch Saga (Distant Horizon spin-off series): Debating trying one more cover design before switching out the covers on the rest of the series.

Galina’s Saga – Part Two (Distant Horizon spin-off series): Outline needs revision.

Lily’s Story: (Distant Horizon series spin-off/prequel novel) On hold. (Has outline).

Sky Runner: (Multiverse novel). On hold. (Has outline)

The Multiverse Chronicles: On hold. (Needs edits).

Little One: Needs Isaac’s notes added to manuscript, and then revised.

TWB 4: (Book Four of The Wishing Blade series). Needs rough draft written.

Runes and Ravens (Stone and String 3): Needs revision and rest of rough draft written. On the bright side, some of the recent Legends of Cirena stories have given me a better idea of where this needs to go.

The Secret in the Shadows: (Prequel novella for The Wishing Blade) On hold.

The Legends of Cirena – Collaborative Adventure Facebook Group: Hahven-Alia cross-over complete. We’re currently three episodes into the Ro’nor-Zynia cross-over.

The Cursed Halls of Kalecen - Book CoverThe Restless Sands of Neel (Ro’nor’s Story / A Legends of Cirena short story): Now available!

The Cursed Halls of Kalecen (Hahven’s Story / A Legends of Cirena short story): Scheduled for release on March 22nd. I’m currently getting feedback from beta-readers, and then I just need to make a few final touches before it’s complete.

Alia’s Story (A Legends of Cirena short story): Title to be announced. Book cover near-final complete. Most revisions are complete, though I need to do a preliminary read-aloud with Isaac for any plot holes before sending it to beta-readers. Expected publication is late May.

“MOG”: On hold. (Needs revisions)

Changeling: (Huntress #2) Needs to be formatted for print.

Huntress 3: Was hoping to have rough draft complete in January. That has been rescheduled for mid February. I’m currently 20,000 words into the rough draft. Realized I needed to combine two plot ideas into one, and now it’s been flowing a lot smoother.

Game Design: Currently on hold due to Isaac’s classes.

Space Adventure Comic: We’re in the brainstorming phase for individual story plots, with it on semi-hold while I try to finish some of the current lingering projects. That said, instead of starting with the larger arc, we’re debating trying to complete a smaller adventure first, to get a better feel for comic design and have a better chance of completing it.

Emberverse (Working Title): Somewhat on hold due to trying to prepare the Legends of Cirena stories for publication. I’ve input Isaac’s notes into the rough draft manuscripts. My next step will be to complete revisions to the already-written portions, make note of which pictures I want to illustrate for it in Daz, and then outline the next section to be drafted.

SBibb - Emberverse - Tea Time

(To see more sneak peeks from Emberverse, check out my Instagram account).

Marketing: I’ve gotten a routine set in place for BookFunnel promos and I’ve started to do the weekly promo highlight again. Also, I’ve culled inactive subscribers from my Wishing Blade Universe newsletter list. I plan on culling the Distant Horizon Universe list as well. (The goal is to lower cost of newsletter plans while improving open rates because the mail services see a higher rate of opens and are less likely to consider it as spam).

LitRPG / GameLit Story: On hold. (Needs revisions and restructuring).

SBibb’s Photographic Illustration: Near completion of formatting for one project, and need to compile proofreading notes for the other project.

* * *

Happy writing and reading! 🙂

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