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Thoughts on Publishing – Hastings Book Signing – Magic’s Stealing

Author Book Signing - Stephanie Flint

Me at the table I shared with Christine Gilbert.

About a week ago, I took part in a multi-author book signing at the Hastings in Warrensburg, Missouri. It was an after-event for the Writers of Warrensburg’s first writing conference, in which we had around thirty writers (from beginning to published) attended panels led by published authors. The panels covered everything from characters to marketing, and we enjoyed the scenic Cena’s Nook (a local bed & breakfast). Had a great time and learned some interesting tidbits (I was hidden most of the event, since Isaac and I were organizing the critique group’s entries), and chatted with several local authors (a few we had met before at a local conventions while wandering the vendor halls).

After the writer’s conference, several of the authors who had published books went to Hastings for the signing. The event ran from 4-6 pm, and the Hastings staff set up several tables for us (two authors per table). Most of us had already brought a copy of our books into the store for them prior to the event, that way they could get the information into the system and make it easier for them to print barcode stickers on the actual day.

Author Book Signing - Writers of Warrensburg

Everyone getting setup for the multi-author signing.

For my half of the table, I included two business cards (shaped like playing cards–one had Magic’s Stealing info and the other had general publishing contact info). I had a bowl with cover-color-themed candy (the bowl is the same as the one on the cover), a newsletter signup sheet with QR code (no one signed up, though), a printed mount of the book cover, and a stand with the book (I used one of those receipt-spindle things with a plastic tip that I found at Office Depot when the local store had a closing sale). Behind the scenes, I brought a couple signing pens, regular pens, and a sticky notepad (in case I needed anyone to spell their name). I had extra books on hand, ready to have Hastings put a price sticker on if needed.

Author Book Signing - Stephanie FlintI went to the conference and signing in my pseudo-steampunk outfit (what I wore for my author photo), and brought Dragon (the stuffed dragon on my shoulder) along for the ride. (As a side note, Dragon sold me a book. It was at the end of the signing, and I had run out to the car to grab a couple things before I could pack up (I had carpooled with another author on my way to the signing, so we could get there early). On my way in, a Hastings customer asked what the dragon was for. I mentioned I was dressed up since I was selling my book at the signing that day. He asked about what I wrote, and I showed him the book (I was holding a proof copy of Magic’s Stealing at the time). He seemed interested and asked about having a copy, so I told him I could get him an actual copy inside. Signed him a book (with a tiny doodle of Dragon), and  I hope he enjoys it. 🙂

Yay for conversation starters!

Hastings Sign for Writers of Warrensburg Book Signing - Picture provided by Jason Meuschke

Hastings Sign for the Writers of Warrensburg Book Signing – Picture provided by Jason Meuschke

Overall, I sold six books. Three to people I knew, one to someone I met that day at the conference, and two to Hastings customers who happened to stop by that day. It was a lot of fun, and I’m hoping to do another signing once I have the next book available.

I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂

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