Thoughts on Publishing – Infinitas Publishing Status Report

Time for the monthly Infinitas Publishing status report!  (Doesn’t seem like that long since the last one, does it?)

The Wishing Blade - Section Break - Magic Swirl ~

Distant Horizon: This has been handed off to our proofreader! The ebook edition has been formatted. Print book over-formatted (I’ll go back and make fixes after I get it back from our proofreader). I’ve been discussing marketing options and I have a plan underway. I need to complete the wrap-around cover, create a book trailer (I’ve been collecting the videos/images I need), and create promotional ads for social media. I’m also planning a cover reveal (details on that coming soon!) and have a tentative release date. Once I know for certain that date can be met, I’ll announce it. 😀

The Shadow War: Got feedback from a beta reader who pointed out a few major plot holes that need to be addressed. So… I’ve got to go back and make those edits. I’ve got a few ideas, though, so I’m hoping that won’t be too difficult. I’ve also got a good chunk of the rough draft for the third book written. Not complete, but it helps me see a few points in the second book that need to be adjusted.

The Multiverse Chronicles: Trials of Blood and Steel: Currently on hiatus. I’ve still been thinking about the blog series, but I’ve been focusing my attention on other projects.

SBibb’s Photographic Illustration: Finished another couple covers, and I’m about to continue work on a formatting project that was previously on hold.

Beta-Reading: Progress made! I’m nearly two-thirds of the way through.

Video-Blogging: I still plan to finish reading Magic’s Stealing aloud, but I want to finish the current beta-reading project first.

In other news, Isaac and I turned in an application for an upcoming street fair, where we hope to sell Phalanx and Magic’s Stealing, and promote our other products. More news on that soon if we get accepted. 🙂

The Wishing Blade - Section Break - Magic Swirl ~

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