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Infinitas Publishing Status Report

Time for another status report! 😀


Stealth Con: Isaac and I had our books and games at this year’s Stealth Con, a two day event at UCM. We had a vendor’s booth upstairs in the vending room, and we had our games available to play downstairs. This is the first time we had Battle Decks: Trials of Blood and Steel available to sell, as well as its expansion. Though we didn’t sell much of our inventory (3 Magic’s Stealing, 2 Shadow War, 1 “Stone and String,” 1 Distant Horizon, 1 Cloth Phalanx Board, and 2 specialty dice), having the vendor booth did allow us to point interested visitors toward the gaming area. Plus, we got a chance to meet other authors who were at the convention, and visit with the people who had come to look around.

Infinitas Publishing - Stealth Con 2017

Vendor Room Setup for Infinitas Publishing – Stealth Con 2017

We switched up the organization of the table on the second day, to allow different products to shine (put Battle Decks and Phalanx on the ends of the table, and the books in the center).

We also debuted our upcoming game, The Legends of Cirena. For those of you who tried out our games in the gaming area, thank you!


End of the Day in the Gaming area on Saturday – Stealth Con 2017

The Shadow War: The Shadow War is now available! It’s the second book in the series, available in both ebook and print. It took a month longer than I planned before release, but I’m much happier with the outcome. Soon I’ll be working on the third book of The Wishing Blade series, and I’ve already got quite a bit outlined,.Parts of Toranih’s POV have also been written.

The Legends of Cirena: This game is still in beta, but Isaac has been hard at work developing what will be game-changing expansions and making sure everything in the game works well together. It’s a role-play/adventure board game where you create the map from a deck of cards you draw as you explore… encountering adventures and collecting treasures! It’s also loosely based on the world of The Wishing Blade series.

The Multiverse Chronicles: Still on the back burner, but not forgotten.

Glitch: This is a spin-off of Distant Horizon, and it’s my current writing project. I’m about halfway through the initial reading to see what needs revision, and I have another round of edits I make before I hand this over to Isaac. After that, I expect that there will be substantial revisions, because that’s how this process usually works. But I’m looking forward to getting this one out there, because it delves more into the Camaraderie’s side of things. 😉

SBibb’s Photographic Illustration: Life as usual, except that I’m going to be making my formatting services available soon.


Don’t forget, if you want to stay up-to-date with our latest book releases and promotions, sign up for our Infinitas Publishing Newsletter!


I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂

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Thoughts on Publishing – Infinitas Publishing Status Report

Wheee! Time flies when you’re having fun… and frantically running around trying to get everything done by a deadline. Either way, February’s almost over, and it’s time for the Infinitas Publishing Status Report!

Book Signing at Reader’s World: On Februrary 25th, Isaac and I went to a book signing with other local authors affiliated with the Writers of Warrensburg. We sold 3 copies of Magic’s Stealing and 5 copies of Distant Horizon, so the signing went well for us. A lot of people stopped by the store to speak with the various authors. I think we all had an enjoyable time. In the meantime, I’d like to give a shout-out to G.A. Edwards for arranging the signing and Reader’s World of Warrensburg for hosting the event. 🙂

Isaac and Stephanie Flint at Reader's World Book Signing (Photo by G.A. Edwards)

Isaac and Stephanie Flint at Reader’s World Book Signing (Photo by G.A. Edwards)

The Shadow War: This is the second book of The Wishing Blade series, and the ebook will be released on March 16th. I’m currently finishing making edits per my proofreading before formatting the print edition.


Glitch: Once everything is done with The Shadow War and Isaac and I have finished making preparations for Stealth Con, this is my next big project. The manuscript has been written, but it’s now undergoing edits and revisions.

Battle Decks: Trials of Blood and Steel: Isaac and I just placed an order for Battle Decks cards, so we’ll be able to offer the game for sale at conventions and event for the first time since releasing the game. Woot! (Now we just have to finish making the boxes for the games).

Not only that, but we also have expansion cards to start allowing for a deck building mechanic. There will be two expansions… one Prussian (Cogs of War) and one Britannian (Queen’s Pride), which primarily include extra cards from the original set to allow for a range of choices as to which cards to include in your deck, as well as a few all new expansion cards that weren’t in the original deck.

WIP Game: We’ve got the prototype of the game ordered! We’re not ready to release all the details about it yet, but I can say this… it’s a sort of mini RP/board game where you explore and reveal the map as you complete quests and collect treasure. The themes are based on the lore from the world of The Wishing Blade series and “Stone and String,” which is why the game is called: *Drumroll, please…* The Legends of Cirena!

Look for more information about The Legends of Cirena game once I finish formatting The Shadow War. 🙂

SBibb’s Photographic Illustration: I’m working on completing one formatting/cover design project and beginning another. Basically, the same routine as usual.

The Wishing Blade - Section Break - Magic Swirl

Don’t forget, if you want to stay up-to-date with our latest book releases and promotions, sign up for our Infinitas Publishing Newsletter!

The Wishing Blade - Section Break - Magic Swirl

I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂


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Thoughts on Publishing – Infinitas Publishing Status Report

Hello there! I’ve been super quiet for the past month, but don’t worry, that just means there are plans in progress! (And holidays… that took up a bit of blogging time, too).

So,  here’s the latest news, plus a bit of catch up on the previous month. I’ll keep it short, since I’ve got to get back to editing The Shadow War.

UCM Holiday Market (November 2016): This event went well. We sold a few of our Phalanx boards and a couple of books. It’s a local, one-day event that took place at the University of Central Missouri. It’s a lot of fun, and best of all, the booths are free. A current faculty/staff/student has to sponsor the booth, though, and since Isaac and I have both graduated, we want to give a shout out to Scott for sponsoring us. Thank you! 🙂

Distant Horizon: Distant Horizon has been gathering quite a few good reviews over at Goodreads. Thank you to everyone who has read the book and reviewed it. 🙂

Glitch: This is a spin-off novel from Distant Horizon (it follows Tim as he deals with the Legion Spore… a vessel made from a merging of shapeshifters and technology). Glitch is in the editing phase–tightening up the prose, fixing continuity from the earlier drafts of Distant Horizon… etc. It’s on temporary hold while I finish up The Shadow War.

The Shadow War: Isaac finished reading the The Shadow War and found several plot holes and mix-matched motivations I thought I’d fixed, plus pointed out issues that weren’t flowing along with the plot as I had described it to him. So I went back through and did some major edits, tweaking character motivation and reworking the ending. This is the main reason I haven’t been very active on the blog lately. I’m still making a few changes to the last chapters, but it feels considerably stronger than before. Overall, I’m pleased with how it’s coming along.

The downside of this is that I may be pushing back the ebook pre-orders to mid-March. I’m going to see where I’m at in my edits by the end of this weekend, and then I plan to post an update as to what the updated release date will be. I’ve been debating on whether to keep to the original date or push it back, and as much as I want to release on the original date, I’d rather wait a few more weeks and have time to do the fine-tuning and proofreading that will make for a smoother reading experience. The Shadow War is my major writing/editing focus at the moment.

Stone and String: Stone and String is now available on multiple platforms, so you aren’t stuck reading it on Kindle if you prefer a different format. Enjoy!

The Multiverse Chronicles: Trials of Blood and Steel: Still on hold, but I’m planning on returning to edits once The Shadow War is complete. I’d like to edit one episode a week until all of the remaining episodes have gone through a basic polish, and then I’ll send them to our beta-reader before continuing the release of the series online. In the meantime, the first fifteen episodes are up.

Battle Decks: Trials of Blood and Steel: Isaac and I have been working towards a special edition of the game that we can have available at local events and conventions. We’ve started moving forward with that project, and we’ve got a surprise planned for that as well. I’m really excited about it, and I look forward to revealing more about that as we get closer to Stealth Con.

WIP Game: Isaac has been hard at work creating the art for a prototype version of our next game we plan to release. It’s still in the beta-phase, however. More information on that once we’ve ironed out a few more of the details.

SBibb’s Photographic Illustration:  Working on finalizing a book cover before creating a proof for another.

The Wishing Blade - Section Break - Magic Swirl

Don’t forget, if you want to stay up-to-date with our latest book releases and promotions, sign up for our Infinitas Publishing Newsletter!

The Wishing Blade - Section Break - Magic Swirl

Now… back to editing The Shadow War!

That’s all for now, and I hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂


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Thoughts on Writing – Using a Roleplay Game to Develop a Novel’s Backstory

Now that Distant Horizon is out in the world (Yay!), I thought I’d talk a little about how the story came about–specifically, how a role-play game led to the creation of the backstory of Distant Horizon. Granted, a lot of the campaign stories aren’t visible in the first book,  but they still played a role in the backstory of the world.

It started in 2010…

Actually, no. Let me go back just a tiny bit further. It started with tabletop role-playing that involved a group of friends in college. We all lived in the same dorm, so we met in the evenings to play various games with different people taking the part of gamemaster. At times we had several games running throughout the course of the week. How late they went into the night depended on how early we had to get up for our first class the next morning.

I was introduced to RP games through the Savage Worlds system, starting with a fun-though-inevitably tragic (the sacrifice of my favorite giant zombie dog, Snuffles…) zombie apocalypse. I had intended to watch the other players while completing my physics homework, but before the game began, I was intrigued by the various miniatures and the gamemaster’s premade characters. He had extras, so I asked to join in.

The rest is history. I eventually decided to run a few of my own games. After the first failure (where I’d had a whole story plotted out… which was, of course, destroyed as players will destroy any plot by not going the intended direction), my primary games were a Star Wars game (I amassed quite a few of the RPG books and had them spread out across the table or floor during these games for reference), and a couple superhero games.

For the superhero game, I, Isaac, and a group of friends brainstormed what powers we might have. We placed the powers into four categories, then rolled a D4 (four-sided die) and a d10 (ten-sided die) to determine what our powers were. We fiddled with the system a bit (the base we used was Savage Worlds), and did a bit of “winging it” when determining how the powers worked.

Soon we had a team of well-meaning but absolutely terrible superheroes who caused far more destruction than good. One of them obliterated a bank robber’s head with sonic scream. (*Sigh. You were supposed to take him alive.*) One nearly electrocuted himself at a hidden night club after attacking a dancing mech. (Your job was to buy a special edition teddy bear from a vendor there, not assume the whole place was hidden front for a Japanese mafia.) One bent reality… (And he was the most sane of the group). The other kept getting distracted because he wouldn’t stop flirting (But hey, we need NPCs (non-player characters) who can help out with questions, right?). Needless to say, they drove their team leaders crazy… once by driving their car right out the top of the Super Bureau’s headquarters.

In relation to Distant Horizon, I can firmly say that these guys are part of the reason that the supervillains were able to convince everyone that the superheroes were the bad guys. But that story arc came later.

In a different campaign that ran about the same time, the superheros were a smaller team, and rather more effective at their missions… including to the point where they were sent to recover a set of special pendants that had strange powers, including the ability to slow time when four of the five pendants were in close proximity. *Cough.* These pendants make an appearance in Distant Horizon, as the most powerful members of the Community now have them in their hands.

In a different shorty-campaign that used the same power set but was run by my husband (mostly because I’d just had my wisdom teeth removed and I wasn’t in the mood to do much talking or heavy thinking), a group of airship pirates stole an airship and went through a few too many portals in attempt to uncover a precious jar of blueberry jelly… which might not have actually been blueberry jelly. They might be the reason the Community exists in the Distant Horizon universe. There was a lot of tweaking to that story arc, though the blueberry jelly reference remains.

In most these cases, there are a lot of seemingly random events (okay, it was probably pretty random even at the time), but it provided a rough basis for a background… one which Isaac later twisted and developed as the basis for Distant Horizon.

That being said, there’s a lot of stuff from the original campaigns that are not being included in the novels for the sake of plot and consistency, but overall, the games were a lot of fun and helped to build a semi-consistent world of powers. We could see which powers were broken (a much later campaign that used alchemy/enchanting proved where that needed a lot of fixing), develop out how different factions might interact, and then extrapolate from there to consider where it might go next. And now we have fodder to reference in regards to the origins of the world which can help enrich the setting.

Now, you won’t see much of these plots in the first book. Most of the characters are far enough removed from these events that all you’ll hear is an occasional reference. Still, it helped build the power system and let me drop clues that will become more relevant in later stories and companion novels.

Once I finish Little One’s story, (a Distant Horizon prequel I plan to work on after Glitch and Fractured Skies have been released) then you’ll see a lot more references to these campaigns. I had quite a bit of fun placing in those Easter Eggs in the rough draft. But that one also has a more quirky (though dark) tone than some of the other stories set in this world.

Isaac and I have continued to use role-play games to develop stories and worlds, but I’ll have to go into more detail about that in another post. For now, I hope you’ve enjoyed this one. Have you ever used RPGs to help flesh out a story?


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Thoughts on Publishing – Infinitas Publishing Status Report

Time for the monthly Infinitas Publishing status report!  (Doesn’t seem like that long since the last one, does it?)

~ The Wishing Blade - Section Break - Magic Swirl ~

Distant Horizon: This has been handed off to our proofreader! The ebook edition has been formatted. Print book over-formatted (I’ll go back and make fixes after I get it back from our proofreader). I’ve been discussing marketing options and I have a plan underway. I need to complete the wrap-around cover, create a book trailer (I’ve been collecting the videos/images I need), and create promotional ads for social media. I’m also planning a cover reveal (details on that coming soon!) and have a tentative release date. Once I know for certain that date can be met, I’ll announce it. 😀

The Shadow War: Got feedback from a beta reader who pointed out a few major plot holes that need to be addressed. So… I’ve got to go back and make those edits. I’ve got a few ideas, though, so I’m hoping that won’t be too difficult. I’ve also got a good chunk of the rough draft for the third book written. Not complete, but it helps me see a few points in the second book that need to be adjusted.

The Multiverse Chronicles: Trials of Blood and Steel: Currently on hiatus. I’ve still been thinking about the blog series, but I’ve been focusing my attention on other projects.

SBibb’s Photographic Illustration: Finished another couple covers, and I’m about to continue work on a formatting project that was previously on hold.

Beta-Reading: Progress made! I’m nearly two-thirds of the way through.

Video-Blogging: I still plan to finish reading Magic’s Stealing aloud, but I want to finish the current beta-reading project first.

In other news, Isaac and I turned in an application for an upcoming street fair, where we hope to sell Phalanx and Magic’s Stealing, and promote our other products. More news on that soon if we get accepted. 🙂

~ The Wishing Blade - Section Break - Magic Swirl ~

Don’t forget, if you want to stay up-to-date with our latest book releases and promotions, sign up for our Infinitas Publishing Newsletter!

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Thoughts on Publishing – Infinitas Publishing Status Report

Well, guess what? It’s time for another Infinitas Publishing status report!

The Shadow War: This is slowly, slowly making progress. I did get a little more editing done. The good news is that this process should go faster now that summer is almost here.

The Multiverse Chronicles: Trials of Blood and Steel We recently released episode twelve, and we aren’t quite halfway through the season. There’s still a few more end scenes to write for the later episodes, and I’m about one episode away from having to edit episodes I haven’t yet touched. I’m hoping I can get these edited fast enough to give our beta-reader time to read them before Isaac and I do our final edit before publishing them, or there may be a few episodes spaced out a couple weeks apart rather than just one week.

Battle Decks: Trials of Blood and Steel Isaac and I are continuing to test expansion ideas with our group of beta-testers. However, we’re having to really evaluate where we want the game to go before we release anything. Initially we were talking about deck-building ideas, but then we realized that too many deck-building options would take away from the hero-focus of the game. Right now we’re looking at the idea of limiting the scope of deck-building, while still offering some deck customization within each faction, along with testing more hero card options.

Still very much a work in progress, though I am looking forward to revealing a few of the different faction deck expansions once we iron out the details. And new factions… though those will come later.

Phalanx: We debuted Phalanx at the Old Drum Days Festival, and while we only sold a couple games, we did get to play the game with a number of people who stopped by our booth, and we hope repeated exposure will entice more people to pick up a copy down the road.

SBibb’s Photographic Illustration: Another book cover done, more proof covers made, one formatting project complete, another near-complete, and several more projects to go.

Beta-Reading: I’ve started reading the latest draft of the book I’m currently beta-reading. Seems I’m about as slow beta-reading as I am with editing The Shadow War, and as such, I’ve asked the author to send me weekly email reminders to get the chapters read so I can send her feedback in a timely manner.

Distant Horizon: We’ve got a couple people looking at the current manuscript for typos, and once we have feedback, we’ll be making the final edits and I’ll print out a copy to check for typos. I’ve also been working on a back-cover blurb, and hopefully I’ll have a polished version ready to reveal soon.

Video Blogging: Only a few chapters left of Magic’s Stealing to read, and then I’m not quite sure what to read next. I’ll be evaluating the video blogging project at the end of the readings to decide where I want to go from there and whether or not to continue with the video blogs.

We’ve got a lot of stuff planned for Infinitas Publishing, and I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂

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Thoughts on Publishing – Phalanx Release Day!

Today, Phalanx has been published! Okay, technically we published it late last night, but we debuted the game today at the Old Drum Days Festival. There, we revealed the board edition, along with the cloth bag edition and wooden board edition. We also had paperback copies of Magic’s Stealing available for sale, had a copy of Battle Decks on hand to show, and Syerra, one of our beta-testers, had a few pieces of her artwork available. We got to demo Phalanx for several of the fair-goers who visited our booth, and we had a lot of fun.

Old Drum Days Festival 2016 - Isaac and Stephanie

Old Drum Days Festival 2016 -The Booth

* * *

And now, Phalanx!

Phalanx - Wooden Edition

Throughout ancient history, the phalanx was one of the most formidable troop formations, famously used in war by the ancient Greeks. In this formation, soldiers interlocked their shields, forming an impenetrable barrier while thrusting long spears at their enemies.

In the game Phalanx, use movement cards to advance your troops, land on your opponent’s pieces to remove them from the game, and get four or more of your own pieces in a row to form your own formidable phalanx, which is immune to frontal assaults.

But be cautious—your opponent can still attack your flanks, or even attack from behind and break your phalanx.

Phalanx is the game that captures the strategic play of chess, the piece-turning excitement of Tetris , and the luck of the draw. With these elements, move your pieces and form your own formidable phalanx to capture your opponent’s city-state!

* * *

Click here to learn more about the game.

Buy the board edition!

* * *

The board game edition is available online ($27.99), the cloth bag edition is available locally in red, cream, and green colors ($25.00), and the wooden edition is also available locally ($75.00).

Isaac and I are debating whether or not to offer the bags and wooden editions online, though we would have to ship them ourselves. We may consider options for doing that (such as through Etsy) in the future.

Anyway, have a look, and I hope you enjoyed this post. 😀

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Thoughts on Publishing – Infinitas Publishing Status Report

Normally I’d have posted this last week, but since I was doing a cover reveal on the designated post day, I decided to do the report today, instead. 🙂

The Shadow War: Not much progress in regards to actually writing this one, however, Isaac and I have discussed the idea of splitting The Shadow War into two books. Seeing as how it’s already at 45,000 words, (with the series meant to be a set of novellas) and it’s only going to get longer, I’m inclined to agree.

So I’ve been doing a lot of plotting for what’s going to be the new book three, and I like where it’s going. As such, there’s a good chance that there will be four books in The Wishing Blade series instead of three. The Shadow War looks to be around 35,000 to 40,000 words, and by splitting it where I think it would have a decent beginning/middle/end, I can effectively say that I’m actually working on the second draft, rather than the first draft (since I had to go back reread what I wrote to continue writing the story).

While I still have a little ways to go before I release this one (as I’m not finished polishing it for beta-readers yet), it’s a whole lot closer than I thought it was.

The Multiverse Chronicles: Trials of Blood and Steel: There are currently six episodes out so far (Read them here), and more on the way. Missed last week’s episode due to lack of time to properly edit said episode (and due to a character’s dialect being difficult that may or may not sound Scottish), but if all goes well, the seventh episode will be released this Friday.

The season as a whole is a work in progress, and it’s entirely possible that we’ll make small edits to the season once it’s complete and before we release the ebook and print editions. So let us know what you think as you read the episodes. 🙂

Phalanx: If you’ve been following our Facebook page, or if you watched my latest video blog post, you may have seen us talking about our upcoming Phalanx game. This is a project Isaac’s been working on (I’ve mostly just helped with touch-ups). We still need to proofread the rules and have someone do a blind test from the rules (rather than us showing them how to play), but we’ve got the beta version of the game on order. This should be available by early April, since we’re hoping to have it available for sale at a local event during that time. More info coming soon!

Battle Decks: Trials of Blood and Steel: The starter game is available now, and Isaac has been working on creating rules and card ideas for a deck-building expansion. We’ve been meeting with our group of beta-testers to see how the new cards play and which ones we’re going to want to release in the first expansion. We’re still in the early stages of the deck-building part of the game, however.

SBibb’s Photographic Illustration: Majority of the book covers I’ve been working on are now complete. In the meantime, I’m working through several formatting projects. Or, I will be as soon as I finish writing this post…

Beta-Reading: Put on hold temporarily so author could make changes. We should be getting the new chapters to beta-read shortly.

Distant Horizon:  Finally finished working on changes to a scene later in the story. I need to proofread and polish that scene, check it with Isaac to make sure he likes the finished version, and then I’m ready to hand this off to a proofreader. I’ve also got to do a few more things for the basic ebook formatting, but the majority of this is already complete.

Video Blogging: I just released the audio reading of Magic’s Stealing: Chapter Fourteen on Monday, and I plan to continue reading Magic’s Stealing, one chapter a week, until the story is complete.

In other news, we just finished our partnership tax forms! All we have to do is give them one more look-over and then mail them in. Woot! 😀

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂




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Thoughts on Publishing – Infinitas Publishing Status Report

First day of the new year, and time for a status report. 🙂

Magic’s Stealing: I’m currently working on promoting Magic’s Stealing. Primarily, I’ve been looking to get this book into local bookstores (Three nearby stores currently carry copies of the book. Woot!) The next step is holding book signings to raise awareness of the book’s existence. I’m also planning to hold a Goodreads give-away, so look for that to come soon. Isaac and I intend to get a P.O. Box so we don’t have to use our personal address when sending out copies. We may also start a newsletter once we get the P.O. Box address (since newsletters require a mailing address be included).

The Shadow War: While I haven’t made much progress writing the second book of The Wishing Blade series, I have gotten quite a bit plotted for both the second and third books. My hope is to finish editing what I already have written, then write both the end of book two, and the parts I already know of book three (or at least create a detailed outline).

The Multiverse Chronicles: Trials of Blood and Steel: Our beta-reader has given us comments on the first six episodes, so I’m ready to make the polishing edits to those episodes. I’m almost finished editing episode seven. Once we release Battle Decks, we’ll also start releasing this series. In the meantime, I’m trying to get ahead with writing these episodes. Isaac and I have discussed releasing each episodes on Friday (on their own separate blog page), thus taking place of these Friday blog posts. The goal is to give me more time to get an episode edited each week.

Battle Decks: Trials of Blood and Steel: Isaac and I recently reviewed our proof copies of the basic and deluxe editions. We’ve sent a few questions to The Game Crafter regarding printing, and in the meantime, we’ve got a few ideas about improving the rules document for clarity. We also decided to go ahead and make the rules document a booklet after shuffling through six separate pages, which was proving to be a real pain. It may still be a while before we release the game for sale, but we want this game to be polished as possible. Also, if all goes well, we’re hoping to demo this game at a new, local convention in February. More on that later, once we’ve solidified the details. 😉

SBibb’s Photographic Illustration: I’m plugging away on covers as usual, and I’m going to start writing the due dates in a planner to keep track of when I need to start each proof to get them completed by the preferred time.

Beta-reading: I have a book I’m beta-reading for a friend in the writing group I attend, and this is going much slower than I expected (partially due to all the recent holiday activity). On the bright side, I’m taking a few vacation days in January, so that should give me more time to read and make notes, and I plan to include reading time in my planner as well.

Distant Horizon: At this point, Isaac and I feel that the basic story is complete. It’s been through many different beta-readers, and we’ve let it sit while working on other projects. I’ve recently started working on basic formatting for this particular story, with the intent of looking for typos and minor grammatical issues. We don’t expect to release Distant Horizon just yet, and we don’t currently have a projected release date. However I want to start working on proofing, since I know that takes awhile. Depending on how well that goes, the release date may be sooner or later. The front cover is complete, however, with only a few minor changes expected.

Video Blogging: Back in October, Isaac and I started doing video blogs with readings from my stories. If you haven’t already, check out the Infinitas Publishing Youtube channel to listen to chapters of Magic’s Stealing and various short stories.

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂


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Sneak Peek – Battle Decks

If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you may know that my husband, Isaac, and I are starting a publishing company for our stories and games. Well, I’ve talked a lot about the stories, but today I’m going to give you a peek into one of our games-in-progress: Battle Decks.

I’m not going to give a whole lot of detail on the game just yet, but I will say this: it’s a fantasy pseudo-steampunk table-top card game, where there are two battling factions and your goal is to take out the opponent’s hero cards. We’re considering the catch-phrase of “Dragons, dinosaurs, and dirigibles, oh my!”SBibb - Battle Decks Sneek Peek

Anyway, at this point in time, we have the basic mechanics of the game, stand-in cards, and we’ve played it on and off between ourselves over the past couple years. Currently, we’re in the process of creating the art for the actual cards. For the typical card, Isaac creates the base image with pencil on sketchbook paper. Then I go in and add the details, smoothing out the line art in the process. We then scan the page onto the computer. I retouch the pencil art in Photoshop CS6. Isaac does the basic coloring. Then I do the final touch-ups to the coloring and shade the image. That completes the basic art, up to the point we add them to their actual cards.

We’ve already ordered one proof of the first few cards, and there are tweaks to be made for readability. But it’s coming along, slowly but surely. There might be a set of stories planned around this game, too…

Your sneak peek is one character from each faction. 🙂

SBibb - Battle Decks Sneek Peek

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