Infinitas Publishing – Status Report

I’m a little behind in posting the Infinitas Publishing Status Report, but that’s because I’ve been busy getting everything ready for the launch of Starless Night. ๐Ÿ˜€

In the meantime, here’s everything that’s been going on during the last month and a half.

I’ve highlighted the projects that had changes in blue. ๐Ÿ™‚

* * *

Starless Night CoverStarless Night: (Book 3 of the Distant Horizon series). Editing is complete! ๐Ÿ˜€

All pre-orders are now ready for release! Finished a round of revisions based on Isaac’s notes and got it sent out to beta-readers. Got a couple readers who were able to respond on super short notice (thank you!), and I’ve input their notes. Isaac and I did one-final read-aloud as the notes came back and, due to the length of the manuscript and wanting to save my voice, we chose the online version of NaturalReader to read it aloud to us. (A little stilted and weird, but we got used to it after a while.)

I then finished formatting the ebook edition and got it uploaded. ARC copies have been sent out, and I’ve been working on the newsletter launch party. For it, Isaac and I will be doing a handful of Starless Night themed renders that give sneak peeks into the upcoming story. ๐Ÿ˜€

Release date is November 17th! (Tomorrow!)

Changing Tides: (Book 4 of the Distant Horizon series). This is my current project, now that Starless Night is complete. I’m aiming to progress the rough draft using NaNoWriMo. (It’s currently at almost 29,000 words). While I did have a rough draft written earlier, most of it needed to be scrapped after changes made to Starless Night. After evaluating the draft to decide what could be saved or reworked, I decided to put the entire thing into the editing graveyard. (I don’t actually like deleting anything that’s been written, so stuff that doesn’t work yet goes to the editing graveyard. It might get revived later for some other project…) But it will be simpler to rewrite it than to try cobbling together the pieces that still make sense.

The Glitch Saga (Distant Horizon spin-off series): Goal is to eventually create a new cover and print edition for the complete collection edition. (On hold).

Galina’s Saga (Deceived) (Distant Horizon spin-off series): On hold. I still need to add Isaac’s notes from Deceived #4 into the manuscript and then make edits to #2-4 before revising #5 and handing it off to him for his feedback.

I still need to finish updating the book cover and decide on a series title.

Lily’s Story: (Distant Horizon series spin-off/prequel novel) On hold. (Has outline).

Sky Runner:ย (Multiverse novel). On hold. (Has outline)

The Multiverse Chronicles: On hold. (Needs edits).

Little One: On hold. (Needs revisions).

TWB 4: (Book Four of The Wishing Blade series). Needs rough draft written. Needs updated outline. On hold.

Runes and Ravens (Stone and String 3): Needs outlining and revision. On hold.

The Secret in the Shadows: (Prequel novella for The Wishing Blade) On hold.

The Legends of Cirena – Collaborative Adventure Facebook Group: On hiatus.

The Dark Forest of Aneth (“Ro’nor (“The Restless Sands of Neel”) & Zynia (“The Dragons of the Mist”) cross-over / A Legends of Cirena short novel): Rough draft needs completed via the Collaborative Adventure Facebook group, and there are a couple scenes I’d like to add earlier in the story. I already have a book cover concept, which still needs to be completed. On hold while finishing Starless Night.ย 

The Wind Mage and the Wolf (“Livena (The Wind Mage of Maijev”) & Nuaka (“The Gryphon and the Mountain Bear”) cross-over / A Legends of Cirena short novel) : The Joran short story project is on hold.

“MOG”:ย On hold. (Needs revisions)

SBibb - Huntress Book CoverChangeling: (Huntress #2) Needs formatting for print. On hold.

Huntress: The ebook edition of Huntress will continue being free through November. After that, I plan to revert it back to paid.

Huntress 3: Needs rough draft completed. (Currently at 25,000 words) On hold.

Game Design: Managed to get in a couple more testing sessions of our Legends of Cirena tabletop game. Found a couple ways to make it smoother, though it’s still a long way from publication.

Game design is otherwise on hold. Future plans in game design involve: possibly preparing a print-and-play version of Battle Decks, polishing the elemental game card art and testing mechanics, and looking into options for feasibly producing Phalanx.

Space Adventure Comic: On hold… Isaac ended up switching to a different comic idea for the short comic, of which a pretty good chunk of the first episode has been story-boarded and partially set up in Daz. Needs polishing and rendered. I’ve continued work on my “Villain Problems” comic, though it got put on hold the last couple weeks while finalizing Starless Night.ย I think I’ll mostly work on this as a for-fun project, but you can see my work-in-progress images (and one test page) on my Instagram.

Emberverse (Working Title):ย  Revisions on hold. Needs title. Needs outline for “Season 2.”

Marketing: Ebook promos for the month have been chosen, though I need to schedule the weekly promo highlights for the blog. I’ve chosen a few paid newsletter ads to promote Distant Horizon while it’s 99 cents for the release of Starless Night. I dropped the prices of Distant Horizon for a few days across all retailers as a way to promote the latest book in the series.

Unfortunately my Facebook ads eventually fell short of actually getting sales. I still got clicks, but even when I ran a copy of the same ad that had produced a few sales, it no longer saw any sales. I need to review the data to see if there’s anything unusual that sticks out as to why they might have stopped performing, even under similar conditions.

Also, Isaac and I were invited to have a booth at local pop-up artist market that supported queer artists as part of MTU’s film festival. Had a lot of fun, did reasonably well selling books, and even a couple small art prints, and we discovered that Square really does seem to work well as a card reader option. Plus, we might have ended up buying an absurd number of plushies from our favorite crochet plushie maker…

SBibb - Popup Artist Market - 11-6-2021

Additionally, I’ve been updating the blurb for Starless Night and the other books in the Distant Horizon series to make it a little more consistent across the different retailers and test different options.

In other news, I went to online version of the 20BooksTo50K conference, and that was super informative and a lot of fun. Took up three of my working days, but well-worth it, and there’s plenty of panels I plan to go back and watch that I didn’t get to see live.

Future goals: Revise Amazon ads, link to my pinterest account on the Infinitas Publishing website, overhaul book categories and keywords, and do the usual business ledger upkeep.

LitRPG / GameLit Story:ย On hold. (Needs revisions and restructuring).

Other Stories: The YA SciFi Alien Invasion/Dystopian Conspiracy short story revisions are on hold (though I have ideas for a couple plot changes). “Villain Problems” got switched to a comic project. (See Space Adventure Comic section)

SBibb’s Photographic Illustration: I finally got a chance to start work on the book cover design/formatting project for an indie press. Goal is to finish the majority of it by the end of this month.

Future Goals: Update the Infinitas Publishing website banner.

Daz PA:

The Diverse World morphs for Genesis 8 Female(s) has now been released! ๐Ÿ˜€

My next project will likely be the holiday freebie, if I can get something done in time. I’ve been focused on finishing Starless Night, but now that that’s done, I can start switching gears to other projects.

SBibb Diverse World Vol 2 for 200 Plus for Genesis 8 Female

SBibb - Diverse World Vol 2 Promo Image




* * *

Happy writing and reading (Or 3D rendering if you’re into Daz)! ๐Ÿ™‚

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