Infinitas Publishing – Status Report

March has marched on, and April is here with spring flowers starting to finally poke their leaves through the damp ground. It’s time for the monthly status report! 😀

Since I realized this list is getting kind of long due to the number of various projects in various stages, I’ve highlighted the ones with changes since the previous report in blue. Hopefully that’ll make it a little easier to read. 🙂

* * *

Starless Night: (Book 3 of the Distant Horizon series). On hold for revisions while revising Deceived drafts.

Changing Tides: (Book 4 of the Distant Horizon series). On hold with a rough draft at 50,000 words.

The Glitch Saga (Distant Horizon spin-off series): Goal is to eventually create a new cover and print edition for the complete collection edition. (On hold).

SBibb - Deceived Cover V2 - Kindle EditionGalina’s Saga (Deceived) (Distant Horizon spin-off series): I’ve finished the major revisions to the second book and third book in the series. There’s still some small tweaks that need to be made before the next revision pass, as well as a couple scenes I’m debating adding. I plan to do the next pass once I get the rest of the series revised.

Next up is editing the fourth book in the series. It’s helping that I’ve set my April Camp NaNo goal as finishing the first pass of revisions on the series (75,000 words to revise in April. I’ve currently revised 20,500 words).


I’ve finished working on a new cover for the first book in the series. The series title may still change, but I’m going to see how the new cover does first. (Trying that “make one change and see how it does” method). I may end up switching back to the original cover, or a variant of the original cover, or something entirely new. But the first step in trying something different is complete. I’m hoping to get the cover design change ironed out before setting up the second book for pre-orders.

Lily’s Story: (Distant Horizon series spin-off/prequel novel) On hold. (Has outline).

Sky Runner: (Multiverse novel). On hold. (Has outline)

The Multiverse Chronicles: On hold. (Needs edits).

Little One: I got a few more notes added into the manuscript, but there’s more to be done. This was kind of on the back burner while finishing last year’s business taxes so I could get them submitted on time.

TWB 4: (Book Four of The Wishing Blade series). Needs rough draft written. Needs updated outline. On hold.

Runes and Ravens (Stone and String 3): Needs outlining and revision. On hold.

The Secret in the Shadows: (Prequel novella for The Wishing Blade) On hold.

The Legends of Cirena – Collaborative Adventure Facebook Group: Ro’nor-Zynia cross-over is on hold. Current rough draft needs revisions and then I’ll continue with the story in the group.

The Wind Mage and the Wolf (“Livena (The Wind Mage of Maijev”) & Nuaka (“The Gryphon and the Mountain Bear”) cross-over / A Legends of Cirena short novel) : Has it really been a month since this released? Wow, time flies.

Anyway, the Joran short story side project is progressing slowly but surely (mostly getting written and revised during the biweekly Zoom writing sprints of one of the writing groups I go to). It’s still in rough draft phase, and now in the spot where I have to reference what happens in The Wind Mage and the Wolf due to an overlapping scene.

SBibb - The Trial of Bells and Blood CoverLegends of Cirena #8 / The Trial of Bells and Blood (Hahven (The Cursed Halls of Kalecen) & Alia (The Scars of Her Past) cross-over / A Legends of Cirena novella) :

March was a month of finishing cover designs. Legends of Cirena #8 (Now titled, The Trial of Bells and Blood) has a cover!

It also has a release date planned for July 21st, and is available for pre-order. 😀

Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK) | Apple Books | | Kobo | Smashwords

I’ve been reading it in the writing group I go to via Zoom (hi, everybody!) for critique. My next stage is a read-aloud with Isaac, a pass through ProWritingAid for edits, and then sending it out to beta-readers.

“MOG”: On hold. (Needs revisions)

Changeling: (Huntress #2) Needs formatting for print. On hold.

Huntress 3: Needs rough draft completed. (Currently at 25,000 words) On hold.

Game Design: So, uh… this got an unexpected spike in progress last month. Isaac has continued to fly through art creation for his fantasy card game idea, so a good chunk of the card art is waiting for me to finalize the lighting and make sure it’s aligned properly.

Plus, he ironed out more of the rules to the game, and I put together a beta version of the cards with Sharpie drawings on index cards, and we got a chance to test the game. We’ve done three trial runs thus far (the first two were probably around an hour, the third, after changing how resources are collected, ran almost two hours), and have been tinkering with the rules as we go to get it working smoothly.

It’s still primarily a for-fun project, but there’s a chance it’ll end up published eventually.

As usual, I still need to get around to making product shots of the updated Phalanx board for The Game Crafter. 

Also… Isaac has teased the idea of possibly making a print-and-play version of Battle Decks. Nothing’s settled on that idea, but it’s being tossed around as a maybe.

Space Adventure Comic: On hold until both of us have time to sit down at the same time and finalize panels for episode one.

Emberverse (Working Title):  Revisions on hold. Needs title. Needs outline for “Season 2.”

Marketing: I’ve set up BookFunnel Promos for April and I’ve started setting up the blog’s weekly promo highlights.

I’ve scheduled a few paid newsletter promos for April but I’m backing off them a little to see how the sales are doing.

I need to revise Amazon Ads in general, and I plan to check book categories and keywords of a series at a time.

I finally culled the Wishing Blade Universe newsletter of inactive subscribers, and I finally finished business taxes. (Good thing… those were due in March). As a bonus, I’ve actually started this year’s business taxes, too. If I can keep up with them on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, it’s going to make finalizing taxes next year so much easier.

LitRPG / GameLit Story: On hold. (Needs revisions and restructuring).

Other Stories: YA SciFi Alien Invasion/Dystopian Conspiracy short story revisions on hold.

SBibb’s Photographic Illustration: I still need to update the imagery on this blog and the Infinitas Publishing website banner.

Daz PA: I finished the promos for the character head morph set, it’s gone through QA, and I have a release date! So that one is complete. 

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a couple pose sets that also have props, which means I’ve been spending more time with Hexagon tutorials to get a better idea of how to model what I’m trying to create. (Woot, 3D modeling!) I’m thrilled to announce that I think I have successfully modeled an ink pen! I also managed to model and rig a cute-little wormy worm. Might not seem like much, but small steps. 😀



* * *

Happy writing and reading (Or 3D rendering if you’re into Daz)! 🙂

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