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Behind the Scenes – Sojourn: The Wildlands

A cover for Melange Books. I had a lot of fun putting this one together. There are quite a few pieces in this particular cover (14 stock images in total), and I worked with the author to get all the right images and choose the best placement for them. For example: choosing what kind of bow the male model should have. Since the art form mentioned a bow, but didn’t specify crossbow or long bow, I emailed the author to clarify. Helpful to ask about these things up front so you don’t spend a lot of time masking out and fitting pieces, only to find it doesn’t fit the story.  In the meantime, I enjoyed playing with the lighting and colors.

This is the result:

SBibb - Sojourn: The Wildlands - Book Cover

SBibb - Sojourn: The Wildlands - Back Book Cover
Stock images from Dreamstime:



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Behind the Scenes – The French Couple

A cover for Melange Books. For this one, they already had the main art they wanted on the cover, but they wanted the title redone and a few adjustments made in regards to the overall effects. For this one, I mostly played with adding color to the dark halo around the model’s head, and played with the placement and color of the text so that it felt like part of the cover. This is the result:

SBibb - The French Couple - Book Cover

The publisher provided the image to be used on the cover.

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Behind the Scenes – Kragan

This is a cover for Melange Books.

SBibb - Kragan - Book Cover

Sometimes the trick in creating images isn’t creating your own image completely from scratch, but combining images and making them look like they’re all part of one logo. For example, the lion crest was its own stock image, but I added the swords in separate. However, I wanted them to look like part of the image, so I erased parts of the swords where they met up with the crest. The result was that it looks like its all part of one piece.

Meanwhile, it’s been a while since I’ve added a logo to fabric material, and I remembered there are a few tricks in Photoshop to do it. Though I didn’t use any one tutorial specifically, these are a few I glanced over before creating the flag image:

This one has some neat tips and reminders (though I only skimmed the video with the sound off). http://www.photoshoproadmap.com/links/go/8308/

This is more of what I was trying to find initially, using displacement maps. http://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-effects/texture-map/

Stock images from Dreamstime.


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Cover Reveal – The Revolving Year

Forgot to post yesterday. Today we have a cover reveal. 🙂

SBibb - The Revolving Year Wrap-around Cover

Full size version: http://sbibb.deviantart.com/art/The-Revolving-Year-Cover-405328502

This is a wrap-around cover for Barking Rain Press. (Find the book here: http://www.barkingrainpress.org/dd-product/revolving-year/ )

Photoshop CS6. For this cover, the publisher already had a few images picked out they were interested in. I chose to play with this one, under the idea that the man in the picture needed to be removed, and the season changed to Fall. (See the original Shutterstock image: http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=99948338&src=id ) This was actually quite a bit of fun, and the content aware fill tool proofed to be quite useful, as did the clone tool when I cropped the woman’s hair shorter. The additional fall trees photos are my own. Overall, I quite enjoyed creating this one, especially trying to set the tone. I did the basic title treatment, and the publisher adjusted it to fit their needs.

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Cover Reveal – Slip Sliding Away

This is a wrap around cover I did for Barking Rain Press.

(You can find the book here: http://www.barkingrainpress.org/dd-product/slip-sliding-away/ ).

SBibb - Slip Sliding Away

(See a larger version on my Deviant Art Account: http://sbibb.deviantart.com/art/Slip-Sliding-Away-Cover-394872911 )

For this particular cover, I actually did a photoshoot (three, to get the angle and items right) of my own. The publisher wanted a desk with the drink on it and the photos, and when I first started trying to put it together with stock, I realized I’d have a much easier time if I just set the shoot up myself (especially since we’d just finished that dresser…. which worked well for a desk setting). I set up the glass, notepad, and alarm clock, as well as used an empty picture frame and two gift cards to hold the place for the photos. (Note to self: Next time someone has the stock photos they want used already picked out, just print them off and put directly in the image… it’ll save editing time later). I also changed the card reflections to that of the stock photos (from Shutterstock). For the alarm clock, I quickly discovered the numbers weren’t going to appear on their own (same reason you can’t have your shutter speed faster than 1/200 or you get a black line through your image). We had considered using a digital font for the numbers on the clock, but I found the LEDs just faintly showed in the image, had so I used the overlay tools to bring out the parts I needed.

I also changed the color of the overall image so it’d look more like night (I played with in-camera color settings, but found Photoshop was a bit more versatile for me). I did try to angle the lights (Alien Bees) so they’d look more like a lamp or low window.


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Cover Reveal – Freeing Abigail

This is another cover for Melange Books.

SBibb - Freeing Abigail Cover

This is another example of how using a single photo can work for a cover. It’s something I’ve seen more prominent in romance/contemporary works. For this, I used ( http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-loving-young-sensual-couple-champagne-bed-image17978822 ) from Dreamstime. This is also a case where the author requested a specific photo. We worked through several potential images before finally deciding on this one, and I changed the hair color of both models to fit the characters, along with fading the image and applying filters and blurring effects to get the final cover image.

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Cover Reveal – Eine Kleine Murder



This is a cover for Barking Rain Press.


You can find information about the book here: http://www.barkingrainpress.org/products/eine-kleine-murder/


Stock from Shutterstock:




Photoshop CS6.

SBibb - Eine Kleine Murder Cover


For this cover, the Photoshop puppet warp tool came in extremely handy. If you want to know what I mean, take a look at the stock photos, the locket in particular. That chain was straight when I started, but I wanted it to curve around the baton, as if it were laying against a table. Yay for photoshop. Also applied various filters and did overlay for dodging and burning, and even added in the shadows on the inkwell. 🙂

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Project Northwest – Cover Reveal


This is cover for Melange Books.


Had a bit of fun with this one, since I’d done something similar with the numbers effect before, and it gave me a chance to work with more of a “movie cover” style image. 😀


Photoshop CS6.


Stock Photos from Dreamstime:



SBibb - Project Northwest


For my bits of insight on this one, I’d say that this is one that reminded me of playing with style and effects with lighting. I got really lucky with the stock image of the man, which is extremely sharp. However, when I was first creating the image, the draft felt a bit dull and lifeless. For whatever reason, I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t looking like the earlier covers I’d created.

This was the final proof I’d created, before we’d decided to use the stocks. Problem was, it wasn’t popping.

SBibb - Project Northwest Cover Proof

So I went back through my old portfolio and looked to see what was different. The one that really stood out to me was a cover I did for my 1000 Words project: http://sbibb.deviantart.com/art/The-Magician-Cover-297327050?q=gallery%3Asbibb%2F33403924&qo=4

Then it hit me. I went back to the Project Northwest cover, and applied the same type of lighting techniques (using overlay to dodge and burn, as well as the high past filter for sharpness). It made a world of difference. I guess the moral of the story is, sometimes it’s good to look back at what you’ve done in the past to see what did and didn’t work, and lighting can make a scene completely different. 🙂


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Catrina’s Cowboy – Cover Reveal


Hello, there. Uploading another cover for Melange Books.


This is a bit different from my usual covers, in that only one photo was used (though I did do a bit of manipulation to it), and I used the color overlay and texture to add special effect to it. Photoshop CS6.


Stock Photo from: Dreamstime: http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-roundup-image12597472

SBibb - Catrinas Cowboy Cover

As a sidenote, since I’m wanting to get back into adding bits of insight I gathered from the project when I post these covers, I thought I’d share a few things.

With this being a single photo, I went about the process a bit differently than usual. The author wanted a picture of a working cowboy, so I ended up selecting a stock photo and choosing a single element to focus on (take a look at the original, linked above, and you’ll notice there were originally more cowboys in the picture). I also did some photoshop to edit the man’s appearance to make him look a bit more like the character she described in the book, then added special lighting and effects. Just because it was a single photo didn’t mean it couldn’t benefit from some editing, especially to give it a more romantic look (the book is a romance).

Not only that, but I also played more with text placement and creating a border overlay. I was reminded of how some covers will have that border around them, and wanted to play with that idea.

Anyways, I hope this has been helpful. 🙂

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Dark Spirits – Cover Reveal

SBibb - Dark Spirits

This is the cover for Rebekkah Ford’s “Dark Spirits,” the sequel to “Beyond the Eyes” (see the first cover here: http://sbibb.deviantart.com/art/Beyond-the-Eyes-Wrap-Around-309769699 ). 😀

All photos are my own (except the photo of the girl, which was taken by my husband, Isaac). Originally it was just going to be the dark spirit and the body at its feet, but Rebekkah and I decided the cover needed something to give it just a bit more of a young adult feel. I started by looking through stock sites, but realized it was extremely hard to find a non-cheesy person looking terrified or running in fear. So, my husband (who was standing behind me at the time) asked me to read the description of Paige (the main character). I did, and he pointed out that I could work my “Photoshop Magic” to give the girl red hair… and half an hour later I found myself posing as the MC. Random fact of the photoshoot. Anyways, this is the final wrap-around cover. 😀

It’s a YA paranormal romance. 😀

Read the book:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dark-Spirits-Beyond-Eyes-Volume/dp/0615756549/
Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dark-spirits-rebekkah-ford/1114506937?ean=2940016397214
Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/286383

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