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Editorial – Mules Practice 2-2-2010

We shot basketball practice at the Multipurpose building the other day during class, and these are some of the pictures I came up with. There were four different lenses I shot with, no flash. I think I prefer subjects that move relatively little unless I’m playing with slow shutter speed. No post-processing editing was done, this is what the camera came up with.

Flickr Slideshow: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sbibb/sets/72157623374655560/show/

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Creative Photography Assignment 1 – Self-Portrait

Our first assignment in Creative Photography was self-portrait work. I decided I would make digital manipulation my key focus. So I set up studio in the currently empty other half of my dorm room using two Alien B400 lights and a grid spot, along with a piece of red fabric safety-pinned to the curtains, and took various pictures. Most of them were shot with a continuous shot ten-second timer. Several of the base photos turned out blurry, but after a couple shots they finally came out right. I also took several photos of my laptop. Then, in order to get the “fish-in-the-net” photos, I asked my boyfriend for help holding me- and giving me a chance to take up random poses. Granted, the expressions on my face wasn’t entirely an act, since being held precariously over a desk isn’t exactly my favorite thing to do. In the end some of those poses helped for the “falling-into-the-laptop” pictures, as well as the one where I am coming out of the laptop’s portable hardrive. It was a fun shoot, and I think the results turned out interesting.

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The Disection of a Tea Can

This was a set I originally shot for Editorial class, but didn’t quite fit the assignment. It was spawned by the quote that surrealism is “a soda can and an umbrella on a disection table” (unfortuanetly I don’t remember who said it). Regardless, I had fun with this one. Shot with two profoto lights. Some of the shots were shot with a lensbaby lens.

Slideshow of more photos on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/41674422@N08/sets/72157623302254354/show/

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Creative Photography – Frames

In order to help our creativity, Professor Schmidt put us in groups and handed us an empty frame.  We then went outside (and inside) to shoot. Lucky for us, the weather was nice for a couple hours that morning, and we caught the last bit of it. These were a few of the pictures I took , then edited using Lightroom.

View a Flickr Slideshow of more pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/41674422@N08/sets/72157623137513497/show/

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Editorial Links Part 2

These are more links to editorial photographers whose photography I like:

Editorial Portrait Photographer:


Editorial Fashion Photographer:


Editorial Event Photographer:


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New Lights and New Work on Flickr

For Christmas I got a nice Alien Bee light set, two B400 lights, a set of four grids, two umbrellas, a hotshoe, and two lightstands. Today I’ve added the Flickr feed to the blog, so you’ll be able to see my most recent photos. I’ll add more photos later, including ones I took for a family during January.

EDIT: These are some of the family photos I took over Christmas Break.

See Flickr Slideshow

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