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Read Deceived on Wattpad! ~ Chapter 9

🌊 Don’t miss the new chapter of Deceived on Wattpad!

Where Galina starts to question if maybe Luuk was right…

Deceived Book Cover

You can now read chapter nine here:



Overview, in case you missed the previous post:

Happy reading! 📖

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Read Deceived on Wattpad! ~ Chapter 8

🌊 There’s a new chapter of Deceived now on Wattpad! 😃

The formation of friends and enemies…

SBibb - Deceived Cover WIP3

You can now read chapter eight here:



Overview, in case you missed the previous post:

Happy reading! 📖

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Thoughts on Writing – Protagonists and the Enneagram

I recently finished reading Claire Taylor’s Reclaim Your Author Career book, which is a fascinating take that focuses on your personality (specifically your core motivations and fears, as determined by the Enneagram), and how to apply what you learn about yourself both to your author career, and to your characters and story development.

While the past couple months have been dedicated to the first round of revisions on the rough draft of Changing Tides, I’ve also been trying to diagnose why I’ve been stuck on certain stories and haven’t been able to make much progress. (Huntress #3, the Huntress prequel, and Legends of Cirena #9 all come to mind).

One of my concerns was that character motivations were off.


I started doing some of the exercises in the book. What I have below is the edited version of my homework, but I thought that it might be helpful for anyone else trying to look into their character’s motivations.

My goal here was to determine each character’s Enneagram type, however, these are based primarily on the Reclaim Your Author Career book, specifically looking at writing motivations… so it might be a little off.

Also important to note… every test I’ve taken puts me high in Type 5 Investigator (which I think fits me pretty well), though the secondary ones tend to vary. One test put me more as a Type 1 Reformer or Type 7 Enthusiast, with Type 8 Challenger and Type 4 Individualist extra low, while others put Individualist higher with Challenger and Enthusiast as competing for secondary placement. Seems like the wings for Investigator, either 4 or 6, are almost the same (though 6 did win out in the one that said my second highest scores were Reformer and Enthusiast).

Based on what I’ve read of the Enneagram, I’d say I’m a Type 5 Investigator with a Type 4 Individualist wing.

Reclaim Your Author Career suggests starting by sticking to characters who are in your Enneagram type, or at least in your triad, but I think my particular enneagram Investigator, combined with my top CliftonStrengths (Input, Learner, Ideation, Context, and Intellection) leads me to want to explore other character types and points of view because it’s a challenge! And fun. And helps me explore the world and understand other people better.

So… I’m going to choose to ignore that particular piece of advice, especially since I’m looking to figure out Enneagram types for characters who are already established.

I think that getting a sense of character motivation based on the Enneagram could help me diagnose when things aren’t going as planned in my stories, or if I’m stuck.

Warning… these might be a little rambly since this is basically my thought process as I tried to figure out their different Enneagram types.

For this particular exercise (What enneagram type will your protagonist be?) I focus on characters who are either in current Work In Progress stories, or in stories that I’ve gotten stuck with.

Jenna (Distant Horizon Series: Changing Tides): Very focused on knowledge. Being efficient. Feels betrayed when the ideals she was promised in society turn out not to be what the society is focused on. In the current story (Changing Tides), she fights to protect her family and friends, and to see the society she was promised come to life.

I think she’s probably an Investigator, like me, especially since I created her as part of a role-play game (where I usually play a scholar). Her initial goals were to uncover the truth at the heart of a secret, and she can be easily motivated into believing that knowledge will help her solve problems (the brain seed uses this to try to manipulate her into giving it more power during Starless Night). In her growth stage, she does start leaning into Challenger territory, challenging norms and making her own rules (especially when she gets a power boost).

Unlike me though, (5w4, or 5 Investigator with Wing 4 Individualist), I think she actually might be 5w6, or Wing 6 Loyalist, because she does desire that safe world and is more confrontational of the scary things (beast transformation plants… etc).

So for her, I’ll start by thinking Jenna’s probably an Investigator with a Wing 4 in Loyalist.

(Investigators desire being competent and capable, and fear being incompetent or incapable.)

Galina (Deceived Series: Betrayed): Galina is determined to get back to her sister and protect her, since she’s afraid her sister might have powers and get sent away to a terrible transformation facility. Galina doesn’t want anything happening to her. While she doesn’t like the secrets the Community holds, unlike Jenna, she’s more annoyed than betrayed, and she’s definitely not a straight-A student. She’s bored at desk jobs and simply doesn’t have the motivation to put in the effort. However, when it comes to protecting people, or if a life needs saving, she’ll step up to the task. She wants to protect people (especially friends and family, but also anyone innocent). She’s certainly not above blackmailing someone to get the results she wants, but she tries to be conscientious of how she uses other people’s skills and powers–at least when they’re friends.

Based on that, I’d say she’s either a Type 2 Helper, wanting to help people who are struggling, build community, and inspire others, or Type 8 Challenger, because she makes her own rules (with the help of others who have power), and challenges the norm (though she’s more interested in starting by creating a safe haven for those in trouble… which could be seen as empowering others to fight back). Given that she’s actually a terrible fighter… makes sense she’d want to delegate.

Challengers desire to be strong and independent, and fear being controlled or harmed. Helpers desire being loved and needed, and fear being unloved or unwanted. Considering the motivations of the two, I think she leans more toward Challenger, which works out well for me since Challenger is the growth stage of Investigator, and also since my third highest score is sometimes Challenger, sometimes Enthusiast. Plus, since Challenger’s growth path is Helper, that seems to make sense for Galina.

Ro’nor (Legends of Cirena series: The Dark Forest of Aneth): Ro’nor is kind of reclusive and likes to do his own thing, and he’s not especially sure of himself or his abilities… especially since he’s been surrounded by others with really strong magical powers and a lore that tells of when his family could shift into dragon form. That said, he still wants to put his abilities to use (preferably in less… exciting…ways) that can be helpful to others, and he will reluctantly answer a call for help–especially if he feels obligated to the other person for any reason. Seems part of him would also like to do something awesome that achieves the status of legends like his ancestors… but part of him might also like to stay quietly out of the way and out of danger.

With that in mind, the types I can see working well with him might be Type 3 Achiever, desiring to be worthy and valuable, and fearing being worthless or valueless, or Type 5 Investigator, desiring to be competent/capable and fearing being incompetent or incapable.

At first I thought he might be a Type 2 Helper (wanting to be loved/needed, fear of being unloved or unwanted), but the more I think about it, the more I don’t think this is really his core motivation.

Honestly, it’s kind of interesting actually trying to examine these for different characters, because I didn’t even think about him being an Achiever or Investigator until I actually started trying to look closely at him and re-read through the different Types and their motivations.

Given that I keep feeling something is off about the story I’m trying to write with him right now… I’m kind of wondering if I was right about thinking something was wrong with character motivation here.

When looking further at the motivations (writing-focused), Type 3 Achiever works well for Ro’nor wanting to be recognized for his skills, but I question that he actually wants to be an inspiration for others or add value to the world, or if it’s just that those things were so valued within Darden society that he simply thinks he wants those things. (Am I sensing a possible character arc here? Note to self… this might actually be a really useful way of re-evaluating that problem in the story). So I looked at Type 5 Investigator for Writing Motivations, which didn’t seem quite right for him. He’s not looking to build his own world or explore life’s mysteries or create puzzles and solve them…

Or is he?

He did leave the Darden Isles because he wanted to see the outside world beyond his own. The types of jobs he actively wants (when not getting wrangled into helping people) allow him to look into weather patterns and make suggestions for farmers to make the most efficient use of their crops. Solving puzzles.


I think he might be an Investigator, though from a different angle than I would have first considered.

Well then… I guess I’m going to be re-evaluating the story with that lens in mind, and with the idea that his character arc might involve him needing to shed what he thinks he wants based on society’s expectations to what he actually wants.

This is still a little iffy, but I think it’s a step closer in the right direction.

Zynia (Legends of Cirena series: The Dark Forest of Aneth): Zynia is devoted to honoring her god, Harethn, the god of travel. (He is known for being a helper to strangers on the road, safe travel, and also a proponent of freedom, one who has often been invoked among the Network of those who try to get slaves to safety). Zynia is also a listener, and will question her own teachings when evidence is produced counter to what she believes, though she is skeptical until she sees the evidence in full. She tries to be helpful, and to help those in need.

I felt like my memory of her original story arc was vague, so I reviewed that before deciding for sure on her Enneagram type.

Types that might apply to her: Type 3 Achiever, for wanting to be worthy or valuable and fearing not being those things (especially to her god), possibly Type 6 Loyalist, for wanting to be supported and secure (though more focused on fearing not being supported), possibly Type 9 Peacemaker, for desiring to be whole/unified and fearing being separate or cut off.

Honestly, though, none of these immediately stand out to me as “Oh yeah, that’s Zynia.” With that in mind I looked at the Writing Motivations section in Reclaim Your Author Career.

There, Type 1 Reformer has promise for wanting to show people the right way to live and create a better world, Type 2 Helper, for helping people who are struggling and maybe for being inspiring and uplifting, possibly Type 3 Achiever for wanting her skills recognized (by her god specifically), wanting to add value to the world, and wanting to be an inspiration to others, or possibly Type 9 Peacemaker, for sharing her hopeful vision, or creating harmony from conflict…

I went back and skimmed the story with Zynia as a protagonist (The Dragons of the Mist), and came up with these notes about her character:

Values fairness, the gods offering help rather than being arrogant. Being generous. Considers the high god…oblivious…but not power hungry. She’s concerned about being a burden to others (especially Harethn), and doesn’t want to ask for a favor if she’s not sure she needs it. She very much enjoys when her devotion to her god is recognized by him. Wants to be looked on fondly/loved by Harethn. She’s a little skeptical, worried about trickster immortals. Genuinely prays to Harethn for guidance in uncertain times. She does have a curiosity about the world around her, especially mysteries/immortal things, but she tries to be thoughtful about approaching them. Values freedom/sovereignty, and the ability for mortals to make their own choices.

After reviewing those, I re-reviewed the various Enneagram core motivations.

Type 2 Helper makes sense when looking at her desire to be loved and needed by Harethn, and same with Type 3 Achiever in terms of wanting to be worthy/valuable to Harethn. In terms of writing motivations, Type 2 of helping people who are struggling could make sense, or Type 3 adding value to the world and being recognized for her skills (though I’d almost think she really wants to be recognized for her self worth and devotion to Harethn, not so much for the skills themselves.)

With that in mind, I’ve narrowed her type to being either Type 2 or 3.

At which point I went and did a little more in-depth looking at the definitions for Type 2 and 3.

I used The Enneagram Institute pages for the Helper and the Achiever…and it immediately became clear which type she would likely be.

The Helper leans more toward being “the caring: interpersonal type: generous, demonstrative, people-pleasing, and possessive” whereas the Achiever is  “the success-oriented, pragmatic type: adaptable, excelling, driven, and image-conscious.” Here, it feels clear she is a Helper. Especially when Helpers have a tendency to have trouble acknowledging their own needs.

Now that I know she’s a Helper, I can look more into that Enneagram type to determine what goals and fears she might have going forward.

One thing this exercise helped make clear to me was that I really didn’t have a clear picture of Zynia’s wants and fears, especially as related to the current story she’s part of, and that might be leading to some of my uncertainties in regards to how to push the story forward, and how it should resolve in a way that would be satisfying.

I also want to do this for characters in the Huntress universe, but I need to go back over what I already have written to remind myself of their values and motivations.

Anyway, I hope seeing my thought process has been helpful for you.

Happy writing! 😊

Further Learning:

Reclaim Your Author Career by Claire Taylor

Becca Syme Podcast: Align To Your Enneagram Type


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Read Deceived on Wattpad! ~ Chapter 7

🌊 There’s a new chapter of Deceived now on Wattpad! 😃

Where things start going wrong…

SBibb - Deceived Cover WIP3

You can now read chapter seven here:



Overview, in case you missed the previous post:

Happy reading! 📖

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Infinitas Publishing – Status Report

Now that we’re in February, time for another Infinitas Publishing status report! 😃

I’ve highlighted the projects that had changes in blue.

* * *

Starless Night: (Book 3 of the Distant Horizon series). Paperback formatting on hold while working on Changing Tides draft.

Changing Tides: (Book 4 of the Distant Horizon series). I’ve finished the first round of revisions on the rough draft part two, for roughly 35,000 words of revisions.

Next step is to merge the two revised drafts and start writing the missing scenes.

The Glitch Saga (Distant Horizon spin-off series): Goal is to create a new cover and print edition for the complete collection edition. (On hold).

Deceived #2(Distant Horizon spin-off series): So far there are six chapters of Deceived on Wattpad.

The next step for Deceived #2 is to hand it to Isaac for a final round of developmental edits, then create a book cover for Deceived #2 and continue revisions on Deceived #3.

Future Goals: Add Isaac’s notes from Deceived #5 (formerly #4) into the manuscript, revise Deceived #5, and revise #6 (formerly #5) before handing it to Isaac for his feedback.

Lily’s Story: (Distant Horizon series spin-off/prequel novel) On hold. (Has outline).

Sky Runner: (Multiverse novel). On hold. (Has outline)

The Multiverse Chronicles: On hold. (Needs edits).

Little One: On hold. (Needs revisions).

TWB 4: (Book Four of The Wishing Blade series). On hold. Next step is to finish adding the remaining outline to Scrivener, review that outline for missing plot points, and then write the rough draft.

Runes and Ravens (Stone and String 3): Needs outlining and revision. On hold.

The Secret in the Shadows: (Prequel novella for The Wishing Blade) On hold. Needs the rest of Isaac’s notes input into the manuscript.

Wishing Blade Prequel (Prequel novella for The Wishing Blade): On hold. My next step is to write the rough draft of the new scenes and begin revising the original scenes to match the updated outline.

Once complete, this is intended to be a newsletter-exclusive story.

The Legends of Cirena – Collaborative Adventure Facebook Group: On hiatus.

The Dark Forest of Aneth (“Ro’nor (“The Restless Sands of Neel”) & Zynia (“The Dragons of the Mist”) cross-over / A Legends of Cirena short novel): I’ve started re-reading the chapters with light revisions and making notes about what might need adjusted in order to get the story back on track for finishing the draft.

Goals: Rough draft needs completed, and there are a couple scenes I’d like to add earlier in the story. I already have a book cover concept, which needs to be completed.

The Wind Mage and the Wolf (“Livena (The Wind Mage of Maijev”) & Nuaka (“The Gryphon and the Mountain Bear”) cross-over / A Legends of Cirena short novel) : Joran’s short story is on hold. Still needs a couple scenes smoothed out, and I need to cross-reference the final scene in The Wind Mage and the Wolf (from Joran’s point of view). After that, it’ll be ready for a read-aloud and proofreading.

Legends of Cirena Epic: Outlining on hold. Not sure yet if it will be a series of shorts and novellas, or a novel. Map of Litkanston on hold. This is intended to be a back-burner project.

“MOG”: On hold. (Needs revisions)

Huntress 3: On hold while working on Changing Tides draft.

Huntress Prequel: On hold at 18,000 words. Needs rough draft completed.

Game Design: On hold.

Future plans in game design involve: possibly preparing a print-and-play version of Battle Decks, polishing the elemental game card art and testing mechanics, and looking into options for feasibly producing Phalanx.

Space Adventure Comic: On hold.

Villain Problems: (WIP panels viewable on my Instagram). On hold.

Emberverse (Working Title):  Revisions on hold. Needs title. Needs outline for “Season 2.”

Isaac’s Short Stories: – School’s back in session, so these projects are on hold while he writes his dissertation.

Marketing: I had both a Best Book Monkey newsletter promo and a Geektastic newsletter promo to help spread awareness of Distant Horizon and Magic’s Stealing being free during the month. They’re now back to full price, but I had them free from December to the end of January. I also had the usual Amazon drip ads and BookFunnel promos.

I still need to schedule this month’s weekly promo highlight, but I have them chosen, and last month they went out as planned.

Additionally, I’ve made progress on finalizing last year’s business ledger. I’ve also been doing a bit of extra non-fiction reading related to both writing craft and marketing.

Next up: Continue adding sample chapters to the BookFunnel pages and the main Infinitas Publishing website, and update my author bio across the different websites.

Other future marketing goals: Update the business ledger. Add a progress tracker somewhere for the different books. Test Draft2Digital for wide print distribution, revise Amazon ads, and overhaul book categories, keywords, and blurbs. Create a “Backburner Project Page” for projects that aren’t going to be focused on for a while.

LitRPG / GameLit Story: On hold. (Needs revisions and restructuring).

Other Stories: On hold. Includes a “for-fun” space/portal fantasy story rough draft, YA SciFi Alien Invasion/Dystopian Conspiracy short story revisions, and Mermaid/Siren Sci-Fi short story draft. Comic script (“If I Had Asked”) on hold.

Untitled Fantasy Story: On hold. Next step is to review and adjust the first book’s outline, and then adjust book two’s outline.

SBibb’s Photographic Illustration: Made some progress on the book cover polishing and print formatting of the small press’s book.

Future Goals: Figure out a schedule for uploading general art projects. Update the SBibbPhoto website to incorporate Daz work, and fix the SEO information.

SIFlintArt: No new updates. (Find our Redbubble shop here).

Daz PA: Finally got a couple products submitted! 😀

The slush and snow shaders project is complete and has now been released. I also have a fantasy-themed pose set expected to release soon. Additionally, I’ve been working on a winged-themed pose set, but ran into some clipping issues that I noticed while making more promos, so I temporarily put that on hold for a completely different makeup set. That one is proceeding well, so I hope to finish and submit it soon.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting to hear back on the joint PA project, and I’ve made no new progress on my morph/outfit set. I also plan to work on finishing the pose set Isaac helped my work on (currently in polishing stages), as well as a pose set I’ve started for the Daz Crow.

SBibb Slush and Snow Shaders for Iray and Merchant Resource

SBibb Slush and Snow Shaders for Iray

This set was especially fun to make since I took all the photos using my macro lens… finally got to make use of my love of texture photography!

* * *

Happy writing and reading (Or 3D rendering if you’re into Daz)! 🙂

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Read Deceived on Wattpad! ~ Chapter 6

🌊 Time for a new chapter of Deceived on Wattpad! 😃

Galina’s first taste of the outside world…

SBibb - Deceived Cover WIP3

You can now read chapter six here:



Overview, in case you missed the previous post:

Happy reading! 📖

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Read Deceived on Wattpad! ~ Chapter 5

🌊 Today we have a new chapter of Deceived on Wattpad! 😁

Where Galina gets taken away…

SBibb - Deceived Cover WIP3

You can now read chapter five here:



Overview, in case you missed the previous post:

Happy reading! 📖

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Revisiting 2022 Accomplishments and 2023 Goals

Today I thought we’d take a look back at 2022 to see what all we accomplished. 😊

I didn’t write a goal post last year, so we’ll just do an overview instead of looking at what we had planned.


Looking back, I’m realizing that it was largely a year of setup/prep work and behind the scenes work: getting things organized that I can largely “set and forget” and preparing for larger projects.

We still did see a few tangible things: the release of Initiated to newletter subscribers, Changeling in paperback, and “Red Light, Green Light” published in the Writers of Warrensburg’s Hawthorn Creek anthology.


Here’s to hoping that pays off in 2023 with more releases. 🙂


Last year I planned on trying a calendar with deadlines for when I’d like to have things done/monthly goals, and an idea of getting 50k words written or edited each month.

That… didn’t keep me on track with my goals the way I had hoped.

This year, I’m trying something a bit older… in high school, I had a paper planner that worked really well. This upcoming year I’m trying a print planner with a baseline set of goals (word count and time spent on Daz) – and anytime I successfully complete the baseline goals, I can add a sticker to that day! Silly, I know, but if it works, I’m totally doing this. (I ordered horse-themed stickers! 🐎)


🌿 Distant Horizon Universe 🌊


  • I had hoped to have the Starless Night paperback complete, but I’m still working on formatting it. (Finished a second proofreading, ebook ready to be reuploaded).
  • Created a new automated onboarding sequence for the Distant Horizon Universe newsletter. Added in a themed image component.
  • Wrote rough draft of Changing Tides and started revisions.
  • Wrote Initiated (Deceived prequel) and released exclusively to newsletter.
  • Placed Multiverse Chronicles into Scrivener


2023’s Goals:

  • Finish revising Changing Tides. Polish and publish (Midyear?)
  • Serialize Deceived (completed) via Wattpad and newsletter. (First quarter)
  • Serialize Deceived #2 (near-final) via Wattpad and newsletter. (Second quarter)
  • Polish Deceived #2
  • Revise and polish Deceived #3 (needs further revisions).
  • Evaluate how serialization is going after Deceived #2
  • Publish Starless Night paperback (Midyear?)



🗡️ Wishing Blade Universe 🔮


  • Started rough draft of Magic’s Stealing prequel.
  • Created base for Litkanston map
  • Wishing Blade Universe onboarding sequence complete.
  • Still working on Legends of Cirena #9
  • Started making notes for Legends of Cirena epic story and inputting them into Scrivener
  • Joran Short Story – Revised current draft


2023’s Goals:

  • Finish drafting Legends of Cirena #9, polish, publish. (Second or third quarter?)
  • Finish drafting Joran’s spin-off short story. Polish. Release to newsletter. (Midyear?)
  • Finish outlining The Wishing Blade #4. Write rough draft. (Fourth quarter?)




👁️ Huntress Universe 🍎


  • Wrote partial draft of a Huntress prequel.
  • Released Changeling in paperback.
  • Tried to revise Huntress 3… didn’t get very far. Thinking I might scrap this draft entirely, reread first two books, and start a new draft fresh.


2023’s Goals:

  • New outline for Huntress 3. Write rough draft. (Third quarter?)
  • Continue rough draft for Huntress prequel




🌇 Comics 🦴


  • I wrote “If I Had Asked” and submitted it to anthology. Didn’t get in, but was a good experience.
  • Rendered a few more panels of Villain Problems.
  • Other comic projects on hold


2023’s Goals:

  • Nothing currently planned




📚 Unplanned Additions 📚


  • RedBubble – We’ve been wanting to offer merch and have a way to sell our art prints online, but hadn’t really had a feasible option. We finally settled on RedBubble as a print-on-demand store, and have started uploading our work there a little at a time, with the hope to eventually build it into a larger portfolio.
  • Hawthorn Creek Anthology (Writers of Warrensburg) – I published “Red Light, Green Light,” a queer sci-fi short story, in the Hawthorn Creek Anthology. This took more time than I was expecting to write and edit, but it was fun seeing how the entire anthology threaded together with each story supporting each other in small ways despite the variety of genres at play.
  • Geek UP and Poor Artists Sale – Both of these in-person events went really well for us, and in both cases we tried to improve our interactions. For Geek UP, we added an interactive play element to the booth (the “power scanner”) which helped start conversations and gave us a natural segque into talking about our books. For the Poor Artists Sale we focused more on themed decoration for our table and approaching passersby with open-ended questions (“What do you like to read?/What genre do you enjoy reading?” or “Who are you looking to buy something(gifts) for?”) In both cases, we were able to have a lot more person-to-person interaction that was quite enjoyable and, in some cases, led to more sales (both at the convention and at the local bookstore).
  • Untitled Fantasy Story – Isaac and I outlined two novels in an epic fantasy series (the outlines are 14,000 words for the first book, and 12,000 words for the second book) that we’d eventually like to write.
  • Isaac wrote a couple of short stories, now ready for editing.
  • Short story: “Of Garlic and Glitter Bombs”




🎨 SBibb’s Photographic Illustration 🎨


  • Finished the formatting and cover design for Ghoul Duty by Richard F. McGonegal
  • Started work on a new book for an indie press: cover proof made, print formatting started, and ebook formatting complete
  • Updated the banner for the Infinitas Publishing website


2023 Goal’s

  • Finish the formatting and cover design for the book I’m currently working on
  • Update design of Stephanie Flint Books blog




🎲 Game Design 🎲


  • Updates to Legends of Cirena role-play guide, (still very much in testing and a backburner project)
  • Elemental Card Game – Small Tweaks made


2023 Goals

  • Nothing specific planned at this point




✨ Daz PA ✨


I had hoped to have one project out each month, but had some learning-curve slowdowns earlier in the year. The back catalogue performed really well in the later half of the year, though, so I was happy with how that turned out.


May – SBibb Magic at Their Fingertips Props and Poses for Genesis 8 and 8.1

July – SBibb Surprise and Fear Poses and Expressions for Genesis 8 and 8.1, and SBibb Bullish Behavior for Classical Minotaur for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Male

August – SBibb Tender Affection Poses and Expressions for Genesis 8 and 8.1

September – SBibb Loyal Companion Poses for Daz Dog 8 and Genesis 8 and 8.1

October – SBibb Skyward Gaze Poses for Genesis 8 and 8.1


2023’s Goals:

  • Release equivalent of two products per month


* * *


Happy writing and reading (Or 3D rendering if you’re into Daz)! 🙂

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Read Deceived on Wattpad! ~ Chapter 4

🌊 There’s a new chapter of Deceived on Wattpad! 😁

Where Galina gets checked for theophrenia…

SBibb - Deceived Cover WIP3

You can now read chapter four here:



Overview, in case you missed the previous post:

Happy reading! 📖

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Read Deceived on Wattpad! ~ Chapters 1-3

🌊 I mentioned in the latest Infinitas Publishing Status Report that I was planning to serialize Deceived on Wattpad.

SBibb - Deceived Cover WIP3Today’s the day! 😃

I’ve uploaded chapters one through three to Wattpad, and plan to upload a new chapter every Monday.


Read Deceived on Wattpad:



I plan to post a reminder here on the blog about new chapters once they’re posted.


But you can also get chapters straight to your inbox by signing up for the weekly email: https://www.subscribepage.com/dhu_serial

((*whisper* The email goes out on Sundays, so you get chapters a day early. *whisper*))


Or, if you want to read the completed story and don’t mind paying to read it now, Deceived is available across multiple online retailers in ebook form. 🙂


Happy reading! 📖

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